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July 28th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

I guess this post should be filed from the “What The Hell Is Going On Department”.

It’s about how Summer in New York City is THE WORST. Call it The Summertime Blues.

Today after I did a bandwidth test at Comedy Club Stand Up New York, I was on a long call about a new reality series I may be getting involved with – Dating 911ish. When I was walking through Rockefeller Center, I felt terrible when I saw a grandmotherly woman being comforted after she’d just taken a fall. People were really quick to respond and get her some paper towels for her eye which she cut open, and the security radioed for help. But alas, this poor woman… it hurt because it made me think of my mom. Her trip to New York now will not only include all the nice sites she’s seen – but a “real” trip to a “real” New York City emergency room.

She’s now gonna have the Summertime Blues.

And that’s where I was YESTERDAY!!

With the Summertime Blues.

People seem to go NUTS in the city in the summer. My brother-in-law’s car got plowed into by another driver running a red yesterday which resulted in an Odyssey that began in Brooklyn and ended in the south Bronx. I’m not going to go into the whole story but we met our friend Lasha at Jacobi Hospital who was with my brother-in-law. After he was released, we had to take a series of buses to get to the place where his car had been temporarily parked outside a Puerto Rican restaurant. At least we had some authentic Arroz Con Pollo. But I gotta be honest. People were looking at us like, why are YOU here? Let’s just say this wasn’t the greatest place to have an accident or break down. Interestingly – there were plenty of auto-body shops…..

I was bumming with the Summertime Blues especially since I was the one who had to take the chair at the back of the restaurant and look at everyone looking at me. At least I had my back to the wall. I never was so glad to finish a lunch.

According to Slate Magazine, “August is the Mississippi of the calendar. It’s beastly hot and muggy. It has a dismal history. Nothing good ever happens in it. And the United States would be better off without it.”

I’d add July too. Was great when I was a kid but now. Uchh. When you’re a student you have a built in excuse for doing nothing and/or screwing up. And during the summer – it’s like – even worse. I think of some of the crazy things I did in the Poconos and am now many years later amazed and grateful I didn’t die – like climbing a watertower drunk with cowboy boots or just the many other times we did stuff on a whim. My wife started her week with tears when my daughter got her mits on her iTouch and dropped it in front of us – simply because she could. We watched in fall in slow motion. The result – cracked screen.

The Summertime Blues – courtesy Sofia McLane (

AND THE TOURISTS and those Double Decker Buses from City Sights and whoever else!!! MY GOD THE TOURISTS!!!

Summer officially sucks. Some of the things I hate about summer in the city include:

* THE STEAM OFF THE CONCRETE IN NYC IS AWFUL (steaming concrete is the worst smell – you don’t have to imagine too hard..)
* BODY ODOR IN THE SUBWAY (Need I say more – Pew! Who farted!!!).

You’re jam packed into a subway car in which the air conditioning isn’t working – and got a long ride at rush hour under the water? Man – you’ve got the Summertime Blues for real now. And speaking of A/C The bill for the A/C is off the charts because now we’re routinely hitting 100 in NYC (but of course there’s no global warming). Look out for that exploding manhole cover. Every year a few dogs get literally blasted into Doggy Heaven courtesy of Con-Ed.

Sorry Waffles – no Summertime Blues for you. Just that great big bone in the sky.

All I know is that very little is happening. Nothing happens from January to March, and people don’t want to do business between July and Labor Day (HAH!). And no one wants to work so why am I killing myself? I’m going to meetings some of which get cancelled at the last minute, others people aren’t prepared. People are just not here mentally to do business. I guess this is turning into a rant than one of my normally well thought out posts. In looking at what some other people’s experiences and feelings about summer are I stumbled upon this site Gonna sign up.

Meanwhile, here’s THE WHO in a rare performance of Summertime Blues.



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