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May 26th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Kyle Smith, a writer from the NY Post is my newest hero.  His review of the Sex In The City Sequel was as heroic as it was most likely spot on!  Fortunately Kyle has taken one for the team and men everywhere can rejoice that we now have written proof that we should not have to be subjected to this awful, ill-conceived piece of branding (does it even qualify as a film?).

Poor Kyle.  But at least it’s over.  Someone call up World’s Dirtiest Jobs… There’s a show here.  I mean which would you rather do?  Alaskan Crab Fishing or sit through Sex In The City… PART 2!!

There are 3 ways to look at this.

1. Now I don’t have to take my wife to see it on our anniversary;
2. I DON’T have to take my wife to see it on our anniversay, and
3. I don’t HAVE TO take her to see it on our anniversary.

But there’s a bigger issue here.  Being in the broadcast publicity and media relations business in NYC, I know how the spin machine gets cranked up by the PR firms who assign some low level wannabe schnook to do the media tour for this piece of dreck, and fawn all over these four actresses who should have moved onto something else.

But there they’ll be posing with champagne glasses answering questions from whatever markets they can convince to take the satellite media tour.  Hey girls, Knoxville Tennessee loves you almost as much as their Big Macs.

But to me the real story here is about a courageous reporter, Kyle Smith, who wasn’t going to tow the company line and call this for what it was.  A film that isn’t worth your time much less your money.

In fact I just went up to a group of tourists and let them know…. Sex In The City 2  SUCKS.   And it’s OKAY to say it.  I call upon men everywhere print out Kyle Smith’s review and wave it in their wives’ faces and say “See!!!”

Kyle Smith, when they make your bobblehead doll I will put it on my bookcase next to Captain Kirk, Ace Frehley and Reggie Jackson.

As If You Didn't Get It The First Time

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