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October 23rd, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Sofi’s Choices whats all the Hubba Wubba About?

What am I?
I move like a cat, strategize like a chess champion and make up silly songs daily.

“What did I do with that?…”
“Where did you get that”
“Open your Mouth”
“Give me that”

Well Sofia has just turned one for one thing.

sofia mclane is one

sofia mclane is one

If they could hear me now, and they often do…
The neighbors must think I’m crazy. I live in a building with a lot of Georgians – the men do well, men stuff and the women do the women stuff. I’m generalizing to a certain extent. But I find myself pitching in (doing dishes, changing diapers, putting my daughter to sleep, making her food and feeding her, etc.).

But all along I’m teaching Sofia which is amazing.

Add to that a knack, no make that a gift for touching the exact wrong button at the exact wrong time (I’ve had to rewrite this whole post in my hand more than once from my iPhone). Being a stay at home dad with a one year old is absolutely wonderful but a lot tougher than any man could imagine (but see Don Corleone quote from a few days ago).

First there’s the constant babbling wish I knew Sounds like a lot of Hubba Wubba.

She likes to take off her shoes and socks when I’m not looking, expresses happiness by leaning back and forth. In fact she’s enjoying Life so much that whenever it’s time for Sofia Alexis McLane to take a nap, or when it’s time for her to hit the hay, she’s not going down without a fight. When she wakes up it’s always with a smile. One of the things she loves to do is play hide and seek on the couch, or scramble up and down the bed after she’s been changed.

I have two advantages here. Uncle David and Aunt Ketstin’s musical mobile which plays just the right soothing music, and Man Boobs (I’m in my mid 40’s okay? Let’s see what you look like when you get there).

Once I get her in my arms and she’s cried enough she’ll settle on a position and close her eyes. Usually it’s not long after that and she’s out at which point the trick is to lower her into the crib just so that she stays asleep.

Today however, I’m enjoying her on shoulder while she snoozed away, I pace and write.

No Hubba Wubba – or actually, that’s what the Hubba Wubba is all about.

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