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Sofia McLane Wont Go To Sleep and How To Not To Make Mommy Bear Mad

September 26th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Social Commentary

Just got a TV for my birthday but can’t watch it. The Jets are in the third quarter against the Dolphins for first place but I won’t see it.

Mommy Bear had a well deserved girls’ night out at the movies seeing “You Again” with Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis. She’s still in movies? I just associate her with Activia.

Ah… the movies… Sigh…. The Jets.

Here are some tips for dads and especially stay at home dads. They are my Top Ten Skills Dads Should Know that I’ve picked up and that you would be well advised to learn, and I’m a newbie so if you have more suggestions I’ll add them.

1. Not just changing the diaper but anticipating the poopie;
2. Keeping an eye on the clock – ALWAYS (for sleepy time and eating);
3. Heating the organic veggie mash to just the right temperature and then learning a hole bunch of tricks to make baby open wide;
4. Having Eyes in the back of your head once baby starts walking;
5. Turning on something that makes a humming sound which will help baby get to sleep;
6. How to – not just wash – but sanitize dishes and not splash any thing on dishes already washed;
7. How to choose baby’s clothes before taking her out;
8. How to mix all the different food concoctions;
9. How to quickly act like you’re paying attention when baby is running amok and you’re on the computer, and
10. Watch for baby taking off their shoes and losing them while you’re strolling.

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