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April 9th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Social Commentary

And now playing second base, representing The New York Yankees, Nodar Marjanidze.

Hey, it could happen. Nodari loves soccer, but he loves baseball just as much. In fact so do some of the other Georgian boys he hangs around with. And we go to the schoolyard, usually all arriving as friends, it gets competitive, then we all leave knowing that we’re all that much better than when we arrived. Even me at 47.

The kids from Georgia show a remarkable ability to pick up and adapt to American sport. Football isn’t so much of a stretch from soccer, or Rugby which Georgia is a powerhouse in. But baseball, it’s another world. And yet these kids love it. In pretty short order Nodari was hitting though his fielding and accuracy need work. But that will happen now that it’s spring and Little League is here.

The kids were from all over and spoke Spanish and Russian, and came in all shapes and sizes. Some of the littlest kids were surprisingly good while some of the bigger ones were just beginning. The best thing about it though is I’m having a great time being on the other side of things. I still have pictures of me in little league, and I too played second base, winning a trophy with the team TURF CHEESECAKE which you can see on my Facebook Page here

Now I notice this one says 2nd place but the year after in 1977 we beat Weight Watchers and brought home the Trophy. I got one of only 3 hits in that game and was an all-star that year. I even remember the pitcher’s name – James Drummond. He was one of the best.

And now Nodari Gets to go through this awesome experience. Boys of Summer. Playing ball just like their big league counterparts. The coaches are good and one can tell they’ve had experience at competitive levels so he should be in good hands.

Here’s a video of his first day.

Second Base Nodari Marjanidze Ground Balls

Second Base Nodari Marjanidze Ground Balls

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  • marina dzasgnidze

    what a nice blog, Bryan and i”m so happy you are such a good Dad to Nodari.

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