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May 27th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

From The What The Hell Is Going On Department.

My kid stood up to a bully in the lunch room, a clod who is many pounds heavier and a foot taller than him. I’m not going to go into the incident but I got pretty upset and sent letters to everyone (certified) whom I felt needed to know. This will be the subject of a subsequent post.

But it seems members of my family upon hearing about the incident seem to think I’m the one who might be investigated and so should curb my freedom of speech, sense of humor, etc., because I’ll be checked out.


ONE: I’m doing the best I can to let those School Officials at my sons school KNOW that they BETTER protect my kid.

TWO: I’m not the one on trial here.

THREE: I have NOTHING to Hide.

That said – maybe a tasteful exchange is in order.

Against my wishes – I edited my post. Here is what she had to say and my responses in Bold to sort of, in the words of Ricky Ricardo “Splain.”

And, Brian, [it was brought to my attention] the language you used in a blog about Roller Derby girls. I went on your website and was horrified, as was she, that you mentioned watching TV with your hands in your pants (paints a picture of masturbation duhhhhhhh!). Using words like “Boner” also paints a picture.

The commentator makes a good point BUT – actually it was meant to paint a picture of a man (I’m not unique in this regard) who (when he’s blessed with NOT having to do anything) lays around (hopefully bored), kind of like Ed Bundy.

Men, It's What They Do

She continues….

“How dumb can you be to go on the internet and be so low-class?”

Low Class…. Low Class? This coming from the QUEEN of Reality TV viewing. I would respectfully remind the viewer that your favorite programs are a who’s who of LOW CLASS. Housewives Of Orange County, 16 and Pregnant…. I could go on.

I can’t imagine any political party wanting to use you, or IProgram, or GCMP if they investigate and google you and see what you’re capable of putting out there “off the cuff”.

You mean like Eliot Spitzer? You may be right there. But again – this was satire…. SATIRE. Further, Media Relations and Broadcast PR are our business. What is sticky in the viral world is what is funny. Looks at the News Papers or YouTube. It’s not even news anymore – it’s all funny or celebrity gossip. You love it when one reality star gossips about another and then the proverbial (I’ll be High Class About This) Doo Doo hits the Fan.

I can’t imagine any intelligent organization would want to hook up with you after reading about your watching TV with your hands in your pants.

For Crying Out Loud – People Put Their Hands Down Their Pants? It’s Comfortable. Athletes do it to keep warn. No one said anything about masturbating!!!

LOL – Here are some more images for you – and of some pretty important people. Come on – have a sense of humor. I call into evidence Exhibit A.

Click for Hands Down Your Pants and ManCouch

When I finish this e-mail I’m going to go back and read previous articles on your web site.

PLEASE DO!!!!! All of them. I’ve been asking you to do that forever.
You should see what comes up when you google Female Athletes Ass Scratching!!!!

It’s one thing to hang out in a bar, over a beer, watching football, and let loose some low class comments but how stupid can you be to put it on the internet.

The internet IS ABOUT Stupidity – Next to TV – It’s the STUPIDEST? In fact people VY for being the best at being Stupid! And again – Again – from the Queen of Reality TV???? LMAO!!!

Big Smile

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