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June 27th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Continuing what has actually been an interesting series of posts, this is part 3. To recap, we went to an event “Green and Gorgeous” hosted by “” at the Environment Store in New York City which features Heather Heron products.

Now – if you missed the first few posts – you’re out of luck. All the more reason to subscribe to my RSS. But I’m not going to drudge up the things that went awry. But actually Carolyn Brundage the CEO of has taken the proverbial bull by the horns, gotten personally involved in a situation that sort of went wrong BUT now we all know why.

It comes down to making sure that the venues at which you’re hosting DO NOT have a NO SHOOTING policy. Not saying that Environment doesn’t. We just wanted to do someone who was exhibiting a favor and it was last minute. We said we’d stay out of the way and even give them some free PR.’s representatives played it (in my opinion) a little too cautiously and we waited, and waited. And then we kind of got into it. Everyone got dragged into it. A lot of people started reading about it. Someone calling on behalf of the Environment Store in New York City wanted to make sure I had all the facts. They are noted – Heather Heron’s name is under the Environment Label at this Eco-Friendly store.

Now back to the original post.

Then there’s the whole Eco-Friendly issue. Is your coffee eco-friendly, is the computer I’m typing on (or parts of it) manufactured in a country that skirts child labor laws. I don’t know.

I don’t claim to be Eco-Friendly. Yet – go walk into the Environment Store in New York city. You’ll see a big table by reception with a bunch of people typing away on Laptops. (Again Note the Heather Heron name under the Store’s). Point is – Come On Guys!!!! You Want To Be ECO????? Use a pencil and while you’re at it throw away your cell phone and use a land line.

I’m not trying to be funny though a lot of people think this is.

To finish this off Carolyn Brundage, CEO of wrote me an email which started out friendly and arrived late on a Friday. There were some misses but we connected today and she called me personally and we saw where the wrong turns were (on both sides). And now we’re all good.

I’m always very gratified when someone (especially who is C-Level – and it don’t get higher than the C-EO)), is the first person to call or email to find out what went wrong, and follows up until there’s a positive resolution.

That has happened.

P.S. Want to see what does. Check out the clip we did a few days later. It will be the subject of a separate post so their brand isn’t associated with these events but it is kind of related.

Again – No hang ups. Just regular people. No attitude.

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