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July 29th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

A hot babe with a boob job disrobes on a dock, lays down on a beach chair and fills her champagne flute. Some poor hapless schmuck is floating with a knife in his back in the water just over her shoulder.

Sounds like the beginning of a joke right?

First of all – woman are poisoners, they don’t stab people unless it’s other women when they’re cutting babies out of them. Not being funny.

I like Investigation Discovery. I have liked the genre of True Crime since reading Joseph Wambaugh’s masterpiece about the first DNA conviction in England (The Blooding, 1989) which is chilling.

I remember reading it in this SRO I was living in at the time (it was the cheapest way to live in Manhattan in the early 90’s) before they were all converted to boutique hotels. Maybe I need to go back to reading books? I think the good thing about taking in content on the “Tele” is that, like now, I can write tomorrow’s blog at the same time and save myself some time. Maybe I should get a kindle. Heck, I don’t even have time to read my NY Post on my iPhone anymore much less get an eReader.

But here comes another round of commercials and I have to hear that same, now stupid, song by a Duffy clone named “Melanie Fiona” called Bang Bang. Along with Activia – that’s all I seem to retain. And I can tell you with 100 percent certainty I will pay no attention to either.

If you have to advertise something that much – something’s wrong. Like with that Jennifer Hudson commercial who is “so comfortable in her new jeans’ that it makes her love herself that much more. Who are you trying to convince?

But the media buyers make their decisions and the networks aren’t going to say no…..

For me, TV Anywhere and Build Your Own Network Can’t get here soon enough. Verizon FIOS has termination fees that are up to 360 dollars and Optimum has none. That kind of commercial works with me. Not clubbing the viewer over the head repeatedly by drumming the same stupid song like with Deadly Women, or product with phony concept campaign (“Activia’s make your own video”), until you submit or turn the stupid television off.

Just so you can enjoy it too – here’s Melanie Fiona’s – THE BRIDGE commercial for Deadly Women.


Deadly Women Commercial Annoying You Too?

Deadly Women Commercial Annoying You Too?

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