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February 26th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Think about how many times (each year) you just want an asteroid to come crashing down on your bank. Believe me, they know too. Probably the worst is Bank of America – and there’ll be a special place in hell for the likes of them, Goldman Sachs and Insurance companies like WellPoint who raised this one poor woman’s rates $310/mo while they raked in 4.7 billion. Apparently 5% profit WASN’T enough.

BUT I HAVE A WAY FOR YOU TO FORGET THAT. And at least get some satisfaction.

Take ALL our Money!!

Bamboozle the public by renting a catchy tune like this!!! Great Production, great hook – guess what – I know longer want to kill myself!!! (joking).
Why must I always let my insecurities get in the way? (- Woody Allen from Hannah and Her Sisters).

Look, have you noticed there’s just an outright massive theft from the middle class. I’ve blogged about it. Overdraft fees, hidden charges, even the other day Duane Reade screwed my at 94 points when they changed over their “rewards” card. Notice btw how there prices on – oh, just about everything, HAVE DOUBLED?

But that’s okay. There’s lots of music to choose from and plenty of great editors who can make you forget just how F’d you are – or are about to be, and plant a song that you can’t get rid of – ON YOUR BRAIN.

Thanks Chase! Now I don’t mind that you’ve extracted far more money from me than I ever made in keeping my dough in your bank.

But let me end by saying this. The girl has the IT factor, she’s from Sedona and Flag (very close to my heart those of you who know about my connections to Northern Arizona). So I say Michelle, Go For It. Just know that there are HEAP MANY PEOPLE and their families, friends and loved ones being driven into the ground by these thieves.

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