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September 18th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Social Commentary

I want my iProgram please

I want my iProgram please

It seems like almost all my Facebook Friends are online marketers.

It’s gotten so where I used to like meeting new people and checking out their photos (a vicarious pleasure), now – I’m finding that I can’t add anyone anymore. You add someone on Facebook now and somehow you’re automatically subscribed to their group. Whoever figured this one out… – actually it’s as ingenious as it is insidious.

Nevertheless – see my previous blog re diminishing of brand and brand loyalty. This is another reason I like SMS and mobile. With the iprogram platform people will be able to connect virally without being “friend spammed”. With’s mobile marketing interface I’m looking to build a communications platform that enables the “inter-connectability” that people are seeking from their social networks but without the bullying.

So for instance, a guy asks me to “be his friend” on FB. I see he’s a realtor, we know 132 people in common, why not. Then I find I’m subscribed to some group I never asked to be a part of. The answer apparently is that I’m a friend of a friend who says I’m in their group for a 4 bedroom house on 123 I Don’t Care St., and this administrator thing…. and…. you know what? delete friend, go to Facebook that much less. Facebook is starting to actually make my life worse. The whole point of facebook was to re-meet people, do some networking, share media etc… but when the value added is no longer there, Facebook becomes a value minus. Mobile Marketing and Networking are part of the iProgram platform too. But here’s where the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association guidelines) help in its mobile marketing efforts. We have always pursued our technological aims from the point of view that we have to be MMA compliant. If someone doesn’t opt-in, they can’t be part of the club.

So what happens next? I’m not sure – but think twice before you add that friend. Check em out first. They’re probably more trouble than it’s worth for the 1 message you’ll exchange with them.


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