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March 2nd, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

I have over 3000 friends on Facebook. Every time I get on Facebook I have 17 friend requests. I gotta say, the women try and look more seductive than the guys, MUCH. I was checking out some of the females in my friend list and, yeah, a lot of alluring women for sure.

My wife used to get mad at me but I think she understands that I can barely manage one lover much less any others. I wouldn’t even have the time to have an affair even if I were so inclined, which I’m not. My wife is hot!

However it made me think about how many people do take the bite of the forbidden fruit. Here are some interesting statistics:

Only 46% of men believe that online affairs are adultery. (That’s stupid)
80% think it’s OK to talk with a stranger identified as the opposite sex (I agree)
75% thinks it’s OK to visit an adult site (I think this is biological not adultery)
One-third of divorce litigation is caused by online affairs. (That’s high, I thought it was more like 20%)
Approximately 70% of time on-line is spent in chat rooms or sending e-mail; of these interactions, the vast majority are romantic in nature (Not really surprising – but when does flirtation become more? – obviously 1/3 of the time).
8-10 percent of Internet users become hooked on cyber sex (hmmmmm – better be careful of who’s on the other side)
57% of people have used the Internet to flirt (no surprise)
38% of people have engaged in explicit online sexual conversation and 50% of people have made phone contact with someone they chatted with online (interesting)

Source of the above – an article on

Now here are 10 signs your partner may be having an online affair courtesy – visit the site for more detailed explanations.

1. Your spouse or partner spends excess time on-line. (guilty though not nearly as much as I used to since joining NY Life)
2. Passwords, instant message “buddy lists”, internet email accounts and emails are concealed. (My wife knows all my passwords and the cookies are left in place – she can read my email whenever she wants)
3. Computer use after you have gone to bed (My wife and family goes to bed early. It’s the only time I can blog or get personal emails done)
4. Your partner abruptly shuts off the internet and/or computer when you approach (My wife still keeps a wary eye but I have nothing to hide – do you?)
5. The computer and monitor are always positioned away from your sight. (this is a bit of a reach)
6. Clears all internet history after chat sessions… yeah well I can think of eh hemmm, other reasons for doing that.)
7. Exhibits a compulsive need to be online and seems defensive when confronted to stop. (yea that’s bad)
8. Shares personal information, photos or events with strangers in emails, (in everything moderation)
9. Plays online games and frequents “personals” chatrooms. (yea I can’t see the reason for doing this)
10. Exhibits the eight warning signs illustrated in “The More You Know” (guys get this book ; )

So I stumbled on this Norwegian Band The Cheaters. Great Song – Check out the Video “It’s Alright.” (Not cheating, the song!)

Online Affairs

Click For The Cheaters

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