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July 13th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Went to the New York Post Page to see what was going on with the Knicks. I don’t why. The memories of David Arthurs and I watching Game 6 of the Knicks beating Houston in the NBA finals are still etched into my mind. Only the year before it was Charles Smith in the closing seconds at 6’11” standing under the basket and being unable to go up and stuff a ball through a hoop.

And a year later David and I looked at each other in disbelief as we saw – perhaps the only time you’ll ever see this – “We’re breaking away from the NBA Finals (Knicks were on top), because we have word that OJ Simpson is fleeing law enforcement in a low speed chase – with a gun to his head or something…

But forget the Knicks – maybe Carmello Anthony will come with Chris Paul next year, who knows…. but two other stories caught my eye.

1. Consumer reports says that it CANNOT RECOMMEND Apple’s iPhone 4. Duh.. All you have to do is read my column and there are pages of reasons.

Here’s their report.
Consumer Reports Gives the iPhone 4 thumbs down

But more interesting was that now – Lindsay Lohan wants to hire Robert Shapiro. The tabloids are lining up to pay as much as much as $500,000 for her pre and post prison interviews.

That story is here.

Judge sentences Lindsay Lohan to jail which will make her 1/2 million

Judge sentences Lindsay Lohan to jail which will make her 1/2 million

Then on the right of that I saw “Who Was Hot.” Which to me translates as what is worth reading about, ingesting, or what is news? Take a look at who’s on the list in alphabetical order.

Alex Rodriguez (Yankee Third Baseman and eventual Hormerun King)
Amy Winehouse (Junkie Songwriter with a great voice)
Angelina Jolie (Like Tom Cruise, I can’t believe anything she has acted in since Girl Interrupted)
Anna Wintour (Who?)
Ashton Kutcher (Why?)
Beyonce (She’s Awesome – not my style of music but undeniable)
Blake Lively (eh)
Brad Pitt (Just talking about him being under-rated from Benjamin Button to Inglorious Bastards, to Meet Joe Black – must recognize)
Britney Spears (She’s still around? – According to Twitter she is)
Chris Brown (I think he has to do grab a chick on stage and make out with her – or maybe a dude – during an awards show)
David Beckham (maybe a month ago)
Derek Jeter (Always a Yankee, future Hall of Famer – most eligible bachelor – simply one of the greats – please don’t screw up)
Diddy (terrible movies – old music)
Donald Trump (enough already)
Ed Westwick (huh)
Elisabeth Hasselbeck (What did she do now? And does anyone care?)
Eliot Spitzer (I always think about his leaving on his socks)
Eva Longoria Parker (Just get Tony to New York)
Farrah Fawcett (will have to google)
George Clooney (One of the 5 best of our Generation’s male actors – others include Brad, Johnny Depp, Russell, Christian Bale
Gisele Bundchen (Keep Tom distracted)
Halle Berry (nothing to say)
Heath Ledger (was also talking about him today – how his incredible performance as the Joker cost him his life)
Heather Mills (who?)
Heidi Klum (still?)
Heidi Montag (see above)
Holly Madison (I think they mean Dolly Madison because it’s hot)
Hugh Jackman (not enough range)
Jennifer Lopez (boring)
Jack Nicholson (one of last generation’s top 5 actors, others Dennis Hopper, DeNiro, Pacino, Brando)
Jay Leno (better get it going Jay)
Jennifer Aniston (see above)
Jerry Seinfeld (do a Jordan and do the show again – shove)
Jessica Alba (hot)
Jessica Biel (hot)
Jessica Simpson (not)
John Mayer (does he still play?)
Johnny Depp (see above)
Jonas Brothers (what’s next when Nickelodeon gets new popsters?)
Jude Law (eh)
Julia Roberts (waiting)
Justin Timberlake (like you’re pairing with Peyton – there’s a show in there somewhere – can you guys be roommates?)
Kanye West (called out by that dude from Twilight)
Kate Beckinsale (great)
Kate Hudson (still a beauty – yes still)
Kate Winslet (great – don’t get me started on best 5)
Katherine Heigl (ummmmm…..)
Katie Holmes (yawn)
Kiefer Sutherland (how he’s kept it going this long is amazing)
Kim Kardashian (nothing here)
Lady Gaga (apparently worked at the Bitter End?)
Leonardo DiCaprio (want to see his new movie but not one of the top 5)
Lindsay Lohan (see above)
Madonna (I guess a double lesbian kiss is in order)
Matt Damon (a few stinkers in a row)
Matthew McConaughey (ummmmmmm)
Matthew Fox (who?)
Megan Fox (sounds like a porn star – is she?)
Michael Jackson (people still doing the moonwalk in public)
Miley Cyrus (did her pole break?)
Mischa Barton (who?)
Nicole Richie (why?)
Oprah Winfrey (she’s Oprah)
Paris Hilton (she’s still around?)
Paul McCartney (He can do whatever he wants)
Paula Abdul (huh?)
Penelope Cruz (no interest)
Pete Wentz (what’s he done?)
Rihanna (not buying it)
Robert De Niro (Tribeca Film Festival sucks)
Robert Downey Jr (you looked fidgety on Leno dude…..)
Robert Pattinson (who?)
Sarah Palin (no chance in hell)
Sarah Jessica Parker (please find something else to do)
Scarlett Johansson (Great stuff)
Tom Cruise (not buying it – see above)
Victoria Beckham (if David’s not doing it for me…)
Katherine Heigl (another Heigl?)
Will Smith (You made a lot of great movies – why shove Jaden onto my homepages?)
Zac Efron (don’t know much about you)

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