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June 17th, 2012 · No Comments · Social Commentary

When my daughter comes up behind me and throws her arms around me and smiles, gives me a kiss, calls me daddy and jumps away giggling, there’s nothing like it.

Unfortunately for David Winoker, the 49 year old president of a Manhattan real-estate firm, he will never know that joy again, nor will his wife or kids. That’s because David Winoker jumped out of a plane to celebrate his friend’s 50th birthday celebration, and David Winoker’s parachute never opened.

I’m always interested for some reason by celebrities or other people who are very wealthy that are killed or otherwise die unexpectedly well before their time. It’s one think to die in a plane crash or just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. David Winoker the president of a real estate firm that bears his name wasn’t unfortunate in either of those senses, he gambled and he lost.

I wonder what he was thinking as he fell to his death. At some point he must have known that he was living his last moments. In those split seconds he must have been thinking about his wife and kids, praying to God and of course, wondering why and what if.

I was once asked if I would go skydiving and I laughed. My friend Shari did and I was impressed. Ryan Reynolds the star of Green Lantern said that he almost died when he was 17 and his parachute didn’t open. People do a lot of crazy stuff. They swim with sharks, eat food that can kill you. George Bush Senior skydives still and he’s 100 years old. 80 year old grandma Laverne Everette who grudgingly jumped from a plane and slipped out of her harness almost fell to her death on her birthday a few weeks ago. There is video of it and it is chilling.

I guess David Winoker didn’t get to see it. Maybe if David Winoker had, he’d have changed his mind. It’s chilling.

And for what? To experience the “freedom” and the “rush” of doing something so utterly insane? Let’s call it what it is. Skydiving is that same as playing Russian Roulette. While deaths are admittely rare, there are still about 21 people who die each year from skydiving accidents. David Winoker is among them.

Stepping out the door of a flying airplane has no benefits other than flirting with death. Hopefully your number doesn’t come up. For David Winoker unfortunately it did.

Check out this video of Laverne Everette. If this doesn’t cure you of your desire to try skydiving you need to stop thinking about yourself and think about those who love you.

No Father's Day For David Winoker

No Father's Day For David Winoker

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