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October 4th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary


Sorry everyone, this may be unpopular but why do I have to look at football players trying to kill each other with pink ribbons, and pink sneakers and pink rags from the waists…. It’s ridiculous. And to have to listen to another awful song by Kelly Rowland “I’m a Survivor” which is terrible, awful. UGH. Whoever came up with this campaign crossed the line.

You want guys’ attention – get us at the Walmart, or Bed Bath and Beyond or Whole Foods. NOT ON MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!

Look, I gave to Haiti and Unicef and many other charities. But why is every event now a soapbox for some cause. Can’t the media relations people give football fans a break? During the world cup it was mandatory for all the teams in South Africa to pledge that they were again Racism.

Sorry but who (that’s in their right mind) is NOT AGAINST RACISM?

I wish every major sporting event would stop trying to turn me into even more of a socially conscious citizen.

What happened to ROMPER STOMPER (Russell Crowe). Don’t the public relations departments and advertising agencies realize that there is a marginal utility (look it up – you took it in Management 101 in college), to all this cross marketing, branding and never miss a chance opportunism.

Even my stupid Dannon Light yogurts have a pink ribbon on the lid that I originally saved (actually like 10 of them) so I could go to their website – enter a code and that way 10 cents would be given to cancer research. Threw em all out because now I don’t have the time due to this semi-rant.

I’m having a colonoscopy on Wednesday. My grandfather (the great Ralph McLane) died of Colon Cancer after playing Carnegie Hall in 1951. My aunt is a breast cancer survivor. I hate cancer – who doesn’t. It’s not like I’m insensitive to the message.

But again – there’s a time and a place for everything. MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL IS NOT THE PLACE. At least for me. Please give us a break. It seems like every single day, someone is reminding us about a natural disaster, terrorism, afflictions and diseases, and all I want to do is watch TV without being reminded of how many causes there are to fight. Maybe this is totally politically incorrect but I wonder how many other people feel like they’ve got enough of their own problems with which to deal. It’s a near depression and there are many that would like to just wallow in their our own private miseries and not in the country’s or the entire world’s for that matter.

I don’t know why this bugs me so much but please leave my football alone!!! Why do I have to be so socially conscious about everything? Go make a private presentation to the banks and the insurance companies who looted America – let them give. But it’s football – and the players are busy trying to win – at all costs, even at the expense of hurting each other. Can you let us at least have that? The one charity I can see using NFL Primetime is Nick Buoniconti’s “Buoniconti Fund To Cure Paralysis.”

Why do I have to watch Ricky Williams with a pink chin strap, pink gloves, Tony Serrano with a pink rimmed hat and sneakers, Chad Henne with a pink hand towel… Serves the Dolphins right – because all that stupid pink led to a 41-14 beat-down by the Pats.

Am I alone in this – Guys come on – Tell the truth!!

Thankfully, the Patriots, who I have thrown the bomb on in my pool, ditched all that crap for the second half.

Never thought I’d say this but GO PATS!

If you want more pink – go to American Cancer Society’s website Cancer Society

Here’s another Media Tour piece that I’m sure is worth your time.



Again – pro-cancer awareness – JUST STOP F’IN WITH MY FOOTBALL!!!! EVERYONE!

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