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December 19th, 2012 · No Comments · Social Commentary

nation of rage

nation of rage

How is it that we have 17,000 deaths attributable to guns each year and all of Britain, Canada and Australia (as in the Continent) have 350…. combined?

Not too long ago I took my daughter to a playground. We were playing on the swings as I started to notice teenagers slowly filter into the park. Two kids began “practice fighting” on the monkey bars as another teen with two girls entered the park eyeballing the other two. Then more arrived on one side, and more on the other.

I’m not sure what happened that day but it didn’t take long for my “Spidey sense” to kick in. These kids were preparing for some sort of fight. I hadn’t seen a “rumble” since I was a kid but these days it’s all too common to hear about guns coming out and some innocent child paying the ultimate price.

Then, there’s Newtown.

We live in a Nation of Rage. I can’t keep blogging about the same thing can I?

Yes I can. And I must.

Another shooting, more people dead, the circumstances vary but how many similarities keep popping up over and over again. A disaffected youth, or a person who can’t control their hate – or rage.

A lot of us can feel disenfranchised, discriminated against, singled out or rebuffed. But we don’t go on a homicidal bent murdering innocent people much less defenseless children.

The Newton shootings are perhaps the single most evil, diabolical and wicked act about which it has ever been my displeasure to be made aware of. When I go to a playground I think about it. It’s like we must always think about it.

I’m pro-second amendment. I think most people who are informed and who love the constitution would be. But what I am not “pro” is people who are not licensed, trained or in any way responsible having a firearm. And unfortunately that seems to be the case all too often.

No one should have the right to own a “Bushmaster” Assault rifle or other types of guns that aren’t for hunting, aren’t for standing your ground.

Lawmakers must fix this.

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