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May 4th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Here we go again. Republican Bloggers…. and their NEW MEDIA strategy. I was wondering why after all this time why a certain Republican Strategist out of the Potomac area accepted my linkedin request after two years.

Just look at this picture. That’s the state of the Republicans and their mobile initiatives. I’m an independent – let’s get that out of the way. I think the Republicans are right on certain issues and the Democrats on others. I’ll do business on both sides of the aisle.

iProgram and the Politics of going Mobile. Mobile Politics 101

This is the fact. They talk a good game, but have no clue as to the how, what and why? They only know how to say “We have no money for this.” So thanks Newt. Maybe they’ll listen to you.

iProgram did its first Mobile Political campaign for – trivia question…. who? Eliot Spitzer!!!! That’s right. I remember getting four videos including “New York can be great again with images of the Knicks from the 70’s.” Talk about mixed messages. Then we assisted on the right side of the aisle by targeting Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky by turning a video into a mobile video that asked the famous question…. “WHY IS SENATOR MITCH MCCONNELL SELLING OUT KENTUCKY?” – Those immortal words written by my cousin Keith Appell of Creative Response Concepts. The windows media version is still up here

iProgram met with the McCain campaign at their Crystal City offices about mobile video back in 2007. They were still in public relations mode from the bloodbath of their campaign splitting in two so kudos to Ben Olsen for even meeting with us. But he had to yield to the consultants and higher ups who told him to put the brakes on.

And you know the rest.

Ironically – the same with the Clinton Campaign. They came closer and were interested in iProgram’s Live To Phone capabilities but never pursued it.

You can see the original WAP sites by texting MCCAIN to 59559 and HILLARY to 59559. Though iProgram’s mobile websites and texting capabilities have come a long way since the 2008 campaign (we’ve worked for Tea Party, March For Life (and just a few weeks ago Vinny Forras For Senate in Connecticut), it still comes down to the Republicans are not willing to spend on stuff they just don’t understand.

One more piece of advice to the Republican’s and their new media dreams here are the “TAGS” your operatives should be researching: webcasting, remote webcasting, wireless webcasting, live to phone, text 2 phone, viral video, syndication, CREATIVE blogging every day, mobile fundraising and mobile video.

Meanwhile, iProgram has set up two sites for both Democrats and Republicans that showcase some of our capabilities. (Text REPUBLICAN to 59559) and (Text DEMOCRAT to 59559).

As the President of and partner in in Midtown Manhattan. The website is where he brings all the mobile power of iProgram to GCMP Television’s Media Relations and Broadcast PR business in New York.

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