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September 22nd, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary


I’m standing on the lower level of the Fulton Street subway station for almost 20 minutes now. It is 5:16, I have been here since 4:56.

I am now talking to a fellow passenger who has been waiting almost an hour. And people are continuing to be packed onto this platform. Forget about terrorists, it’s just unsafe to have this many people on a subway platform..

IF there was going to be a terrorist attack on the New York City subways the terrorists sure could count on the ineptitude of certain officials for maximum carnage.

Just before 9/11 the warnings started. Credible but unconfirmed information had been received by the FBI that individuals, possibly terrorists, were in the United States and making their way to New York City.

In the past two weeks I have seen too many instances regarding the subways resulting in massive disruptions in service that, whether individually or when taken as a whole must be regarded as peculiar.

Here is a short list:
* The New York City subway system is closed for the first time in its history for what turned out to be a plain old storm;
* Major disruptions of service due to construction beyond the normal and expected service changes on all lines in Brooklyn;
* Curious increase in incidents of stalled trains and mechanical problems resulting in trains stalled in between stations for as long as 20 minutes or more;
* Increased in number of subway trains rolling through stations “Not In Service);
* Far fewer buses….

It goes on.

And all the while there are signs and billboards on behalf of the MTA patting themselves on the back for all the work they’re doing.

Perhaps related, perhaps
Last week during one such happenstance I had to talk a guy (a big guy) down from an anxiety attack.

And now this, a “water main break” resulting in no service up the west side between 59th Street and 110th) on the 8th Avenue line.

Why someone couldn’t make the decision to re-route a few Broadway or 6th Avenue line trains to switch over to the 8th Avenue line at 7th and 53rd is strange. Why leave thousands of people stranded, packed in like sardines below ground clueless?

You’ve heard the expression “telegraphing a punch?”

True sometimes a duck is just a duck. But I am reminded of a scene in “Married To The Mob” starring Michelle Pfeifer, Matthew Modine
and Dean Stockwell.

Yea… funny ha ha.

Ladies and gentlemen we are delayed because of train traffic ahead of is….

Due to an earlier incident….

Train talk…

Measuring the subways for terror

Click Measuring the subways for terror

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