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July 1st, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Say what you need – don’t mean what you say? Say what you want to be mean. Destroy all monsters.

Lee Atwater was a master at it. Now, probably less than 10 percent (hell I”ll go lower), make that 5 percent of college students know who Lee Atwater was. I’ll save you the time and spare you having to look at sponsored ads, he was a successful republican operative who rose through the ranks from nowhere to help get Ronald Reagan elected.

And he did it without Twitter, or blogging. Imagine the damage he (or someone like him – heh heh), could do.

For instance he was a master of of getting columnists to print rumors. “Now I can’t say who, but it may come out in the next few days that America’s favorite teen heartthrob is gay.” Or, it’s possible that a certain popular Governor running for re-election was recently stopped for speeding and found to have cocaine in his car along with a woman who wasn’t his wife.”

The columnists were all over it because they wanted to be the first ones to break the story. Remember String Bean on Hee Haw from that episode from City Confidential? He found where the murderers ditched the loot but after 6pm and waited until the next day to turn it in so he could get the exclusive.

Then again that’s Nashville where wife swapping and payola COULD just still in vogue.

Noe if’s a given that gossip and sensationalism have replaced hard news as the number one way to get eyeballs (see previous posts on Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson – talk about old versus young), or that Lindsay Lohan may be arrested again…. Talk about a “green” post.

Now enter the citizen journalism movement and social media tools. Flavor with a little innuendo and poof, you’re a master of reality. Just be careful that you’re not libelous, for instance I couldn’t say Lindsay Lohan found with Cocaine again… Well maybe that’s a bad example

But you get the idea. Then tweet, post to your facebook and the next thing you know you’ll be a guest on Keith Oberman or Glenn Beck depending on the slant.

Enjoy this clip of Ozzy Osbourne (where did he go?), and Black Sabbath from Master of Reality.



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