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Lil Wayne vs. Lil Nodo

July 13th, 2011 · No Comments · music, Social Commentary

Lil Wayne and Lil Nodari (Marjanidze)

What do Lil Wayne from New Orleans, Louisiana and Nodari Marjanidze from Tbilisi, Georgia have in common. Nothing… at least I’m trying to keep it that way. They are worlds apart. For instance Lil Nodari is 12 years old and resides in Brooklyn. Lil Wayne is 30 years old and resides in Jail.

Now I don’t begrudge Lil Wayne from doing his thing. I don’t personally see anything musically or lyrically appealing about his “shtick” (which is what it is, just the modern day version of the Catskills circuit with all these rappers). I do have about 100 songs on my phone that are of the rap and hip hop ilk, played on my share of rap records and even had a video on there is something way different, and I think wrong, about Lil Nodari Marjanidze who is 12 acting like Lil Wayne around the house. Life imitating art? Too much so for my taste.

What happened to rap songs that had a political message like Public Enemy or even NWA?

I remember when I lived in Forest Hills passing by a certain apartment building on 108th Street knowing that Ice Cube had an apartment there. Ice Cube? From NWA? Yup. Because once he came into money you think he was going to hang around Compton? That’s not to say that Ice Cube didn’t really live the life. His buddy Eazy E from the same group is dead (of AIDS). Tupac and Biggie shot dead, two more rap icons.

And so when my kid tries to impress me by pulling down his pants then playing “John” for me as if I’d never heard it, laden with explicative against a n annoying, repetitive synthesis, it was all I could do to contain myself.

Which I couldn’t.

We’d been having a cursing problem around the house lately. To be sure, and I’ll admit, a significant amount of the fault is mine.

Not vicious explicatives rather those used for emphasis if that makes sense. But I’ve also kept noticing an increasingly aggressive demeanor in Nodari. “F” this, S#*t that, etc.

My wife pointed it out and laid down the law and I’ve been trying hard to comply. But for some reason it hasn’t stuck with Lil Nodo.

Bing, Bang, BOOM!

Here’s the deal. We told him the following:

1. No more rap in the house.
2. If we see him with his pants down (lowered to show his underwear) we’ll take them off of him and stick him outside in his underwear. Nothing more ghetto than that.
3. For every curse word or hand gesture he utters or flashes, we’ll he’ll have to read a chapter in a book which should keep him busy.

Any ideas or advice on how to handle this appreciated. I was no angel. But I didn’t have a loving father in my life either. So help me avoid being a hypocrite.

Here’s my video from MTV circa 1988 called I Wanna Be A Marine featuring Scorpio from Grandmaster Flash.

Lil Wayne vs. Lil Nodo

Lil Wayne vs. Lil Nodo

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