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April 18th, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Life As Octagon - The Culture of Internet Violence

Life As Octagon - The Culture of Internet Violence

Life as Octagon? It’s getting that way.

Did you know you were in the UFC? Imagine, it’s getting so that everyday you leave your home you’re stepping into the Octagon. You might as well be in there and in all the weight classes along with Uriah Faber, Anderson Silva and Brock Lesnar.

Just as I am able to forget the brawling teen moms made famous by celebrity smug mongers TMZ, now comes a horrifyingly brutal video assault featured on

What YouTube (TO THEIR CREDIT), had the decency to detect and take down, liveleak was able to exploit making them liable in my opinion to be sued by the victim in this assault.

While it is unclear what sparked the assault what is clear is 1. The attackers continued the assault once the victim was helpless and unable to defend themselves and 2. The McDonalds employees did nothing to assist a customer in distress, and quite possibly in danger of being killed.

So not that Teonna Monae Brown is a household word, I’m sure Teonna Monae Brown, the 18 year old arrested for first degree assault in the Baltimore McDonald’s assault didn’t set out to be Teonna Monae Brown, BEATING SUSPECT. And to be sure, Teonna Monae Brown will have plenty of chances to hone her fighting skills in the joint. Who knows she may join the WEC after she gets out. Wouldn’t be the first time someone committed a crime and where they failed as a citizen succeeded as a monster.

Teonna Monae Brown Beating Suspect

Teonna Monae Brown Beating Suspect

Now it comes out that the victim in this case is transgender and that’s how the confrontation started. To that I say so what? What gives two people the right to beat someone senseless in a public restaurant, and then when the person is defenseless continue to do so.

No. These girls need to be punished and held accountable, as does anyone else who videotapes such behavior. And the outlets that exploit it need to be sued. We as a society better get a hold on this culture of beatings as entertainment and fueled by a thirst that can seemingly only be quenched by participating and/or exploiting such acts. The culture of internet violence has to end.

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