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October 18th, 2009 · 10 Comments · Social Commentary, sports

Sofia Alexis McLane

Click to see Sofia Alexis McLane

This has been – hands down – the greatest time of my life.

Sofia Alexis McLane.

Being part of and aiding in my daughter’s birth was the single greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Few things have come even close to providing me with the satisfaction I felt these past hours …. (but just so you know they are seeing my video on MTV, Bucky Dent’s home run again Boston, Reggie Jackson’s 3 home run game, Bret Boone’s home run, and Eli Manning’s drive against New England).

Yet all of them – and I remember how I screamed and jumped and carried on – are not in the same realm.

The night started out with me getting my first check from GCMP (I’ve partnered with a new production facility in midtown). I was on a sales call when my wife called me crying. I panicked at first – but then she explained that the Doctor was concerned about the 24 hour urine and high protein levels – telling her to get right to the hospital.

At that point – I’m thinking – Yanks Angels Game 1 ….. Wife’s going to give birth. Thank GOD they had a TV in the delivery room! And Sofia cooperated by waiting until 5:00.

Dr. Halper – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (watch for his show on – coming soon), he is THE GUY you want to delivery your baby. Confident, always speaking in terms that gave us all the facts and options, and he took command when the time came.

10 minutes later – Sofia’s head emerged, then I saw her ear – and it hit me that this was a human life, a precious human being. Then her shoulder slipped out and soon it was done. They cleaned her up – I was as happy as Joba Chamberlain after dusting Vlad Guerrero.


All I can say is God is Good.

Enjoy the photos.

Brian McLane is a new father, Yankee’s Fan and hates both the Red Sox and The Pats!

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  • Sylvia Metos


    Now that you’re a proud papa, your life will never be the same! Your daughter will have you wrapped around her tiny finger – always! Your daughter will look up at you with her imploring eyes that say please daddy, and you’ll be a marshmallow! Your daughter will be the apple of your eye – as it should be!

    I’m so happy for you and your wife at this joyful time! Congratulations!

    Sylvia Metos

  • mandy

    She’s a beaut’…what’s with the bottle you were feeding her ? I thought Shorena was breast feeding ? Extra vitamines, I gather. What a gorgeous little niece I have. You’re gonna love being a daddy.


  • Tre Pryor

    Congrats! God is indeed good and your life will never be the same again. 8^)

  • Makenzie

    Congrats Brian! I can only imagine how wonderful it is to bring a daughter into the world. All my best to you, your wife and your little one. Enjoy every minute!!

  • Dorothy Krakauer

    She is adorable and already appears to have the wisdom of ages! Congratulations to both you and your lovely wife! God is good! Your lives now have another special meaning.

  • June

    What a beautiful little angel…and so helpful – arriving at exactly the perfect time (post Yanks and pre-Hilary). I’m so happy for and proud of you and Shorena. What a happy and amazing family you make. All my love,


  • Keith

    Great pix Brian. Lauren and I are thrilled for you and Shorena. Sofi is beyond adorable, can’t wait to introduce her to her cousins. You look like you’re getting the hang of this quickly, but who is this Hilary Yank??

  • Cyndy Barnes

    Thank you so much for remembering to let me know when your daughter was born! How beautiful and wonderful for you and your wife! Every happiness to you all!

  • Maddie

    Congrats! Beautiful name … just forwarded this link to Lez and Tara.

  • Mitch and Suzee

    Brian and Shorena:

    Sofia is beautiful, and she looks so happy to have arrived!

    A daughter is a friend for life!

    May your happiness continue to increase.

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