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December 11th, 2012 · No Comments · Social Commentary

I prefer not to title a blog “KICKSTARTER SUCKS” but I think it will probably draw the most eyeballs. And it’s important I think that artists and creatives know what they’re getting into with Kickstarter.

Saying that Kickstarter sucks is a low brow, cheap and simplistic way of drawing attention to the fact that, well, Kickstarter sucks as a means of attracting new eyeballs to one’s creative endeavors.

As a business the operators of Kickstarter could not be more successful. They get money and data for letting you have a temporary website.

Time Limit / All or nothing funding mechanism.

The fact that Kickstarter lists no support phone numbers nor physical address is a red flag. How many businesses do you deal with that are similarly difficult to find? The emails I would send to Kickstarter’s “customer service” reps came back with copy and pasted answers and were of no help. The partnership that the site has with Amazon payments is so problematic for users that the issue has its own FAQ drop down selection in the menu. I wasted 2 weeks of my campaign trying to get Amazon to verify and acknowledge my identity as the time and my patience slipped slowly away. Though in fact it was Amazon that ultimately provided the support that helped resolve this, one of many issues – NOT Kickstarter.

My Kickstarter campaign was in the ultimate a success from the perspective that I achieved the financial goal of the campaign.

Kickstarter has a simple to use interface that anyone who can manage a Facebook page can successfully navigate.

The final score, from both a business to business and business to consumer perspective Facebook is of limited or any value.

Day after day, week after week would go by with nary a new face, putting the ownous on me to drive traffic to my Kickstarter page.

As I harangued and pressed my Facebook “friends”, LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers to pledge the results gradually and to my chagrin indicated that few if any had any interest in pledging even as little as a dollar.

I am supposing that the reputation social media sites have for distributing viruses is notorious. Further for one to give up one’s sensitive financial information to a website such as Kickstarter is a dubious proposition at best.

However by far the most atrocious aspect of the scheme is all or nothing goal aspect.

In conclusion I can state with certainty that Kickstarter is absolutely valueless in terms of helping creatives reach new audiences much less raise money from them.


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