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May 6th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Is KGB the stupidest idea in the texting realm? Well maybe. Is it making millions. Yes.

Why? AskNow didn’t do well. Who in their right mind (over 18) would want to spend .99 cents to ask a question when you have google on your web-enabled cell phone.

Pay $1 for answers? Ummm …. NO.

Here’s some great insight from MuKau Media:

“ ironically, a project that wants to control information

I picked this up from Google trends this morning. ‘‘. I’m not sure what it’s trying to be (it really isn’t obvious). It appears to critique the traditional search process (effectively the ‘disorganizedness’ of Google search findings).

It seems to want to offer people a way to contextualize what they find. By putting in their space. Right.

A space that you immediately notice is AdSense populated.

Is it a search engine?

No it is not. At, our goal is allow you to find what information you need right on our site, rather than just direct you to other locations on the web as a normal search engine would.

Of course, they use search engines to bring this information to your space in their world. If is trying to give people tools to manage chaotic online information, then what are they? My initial review didn’t detect what those tools might be. From my initial review, KGB ends up looking like yet another walled information community (like AOL was, Facebook IS…) that can be – rather uninspiring – capitalized with Google ads.

What’s your view?

It says you can ask it any question and get an answer. Ok. Here are a couple: what was the KGB in the Soviet Union and how did it control information?”

Is the KGB KGB Special Agent Opportunity A Scam? Here’s a good video that you can watch about work at home scams – of which THIS IS NOT ONE. It’s a mobile marketing pot of gold for the brainiacs who thought this idea up.


How To Make Money Texting with KGB? Here’s job description ripped right off their site:

The Mission:
To research and respond to 2-way text inquiries quickly and accurately

Special Agents combine ingenuity with research skills to solve real problems for real people every day. Some questions require a serious answer, others require a sense of humor, and some require both.


* Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age
* Must have a U.S. Social Security number or other taxpayer ID number
* Must have a U.S. bank account
* Must agree to work as an Independent Contractor
* Cannot already be employed by kgb or any of its subsidiaries
* Must have access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection
* Must have access to Mozilla Firefox or be willing to download it


* Skilled Internet researcher
* Ability to quickly identify keywords
* Excellent grammar and spelling
* Fast and accurate typing
* Enthusiastic, passionate, creative, clever, curious, and dedicated

Ugh??? What do you think? Let’s see… these guys get text data, by the gazillions and charge stupid kids .99 for each answer. It’s a mobile marketing Shangrila!!! How much money do you think a “KGB Special Agent” is going to make?”

This is an idea that goes perfectly with the rest of the media moron mentality that’s inundating our society and proves that America is indeed dumbing down.

Soooo, what use is a ton of data provided by stupid people worth? Just ask the credit card companies.

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