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July 10th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Social Commentary

Breaking!!!! Since integrity or Content in our news doesn’t matter anymore I just thought I’d let you know my research on the internet has disclosed that Little Girls like Princesses… even if they’re lizards. In a non-related story Rupert Murdoch wants to spread his journalistic integrity to more of the planet in his effort to buy BskyB.

But if you Google (or go on YouTube), and search for Royal Family Reptilian, or Queen Elizabeth Reptilian… even Kate Middleton Reptilian, you will see there are many that take it seriously. Little girls love princesses. But what about if that princess…. is A LIZARD!!!! It’s ingrained in them from an early age that one day, their prince will come. So after Princess Diana was offed, what to do. Well now we have Kate Middleton.

What does Kate Middleton do? Well, in November 2006, Catherine accepted a position as an accessory buyer with the clothing chain Jigsaw. I know Prince William “was in the armed forces” probably to the extent that George Bush was. Believe me they weren’t about to let anything happen to him. The British Government pays an insane amount of money to keep this farce going.

Today – it was “BIG NEWS” that Kate Middleton actually answered a reporter’s question.

REPORTER: Kate how does it feel to be in the United States!!!! She said practically drooling.

KATE: It’s Fantastic I Love it!!!

To see the reaction of people as if they’d just been to their first Beatles concert was just absurd. Too many people really have no life. I have no life because I’m even writing about this junk.

Who cares??? I admit a certain curiosity for the pomp and circumstance of the wedding itself. If Queen Elizabeth ever let’s Prince Charles become King, we’ll see some more. Otherwise, this guy William will be the next King of England. Globalists may love that.

To me they are so useless, everything they stand for is annoying. There are plenty of people who lead lives of luxury and privilege, go to the best schools and go on to lead wonderful lives. But they at least worked for it. Those people show up on Wall Street every morning. Even if they’re stealing Billions of Dollars… that’s HARD WORK! The aristocracy is just about tourism. The “charity” work which they do is self serving and comes off looking weird and condescending. I wonder if they’d do mouth to mouth on some poor child that had some sort of attack in front of them.

I will say this for Angelina Jolie. She would.

I can’t stand her movies. But she’s at least the real deal and truly cares about the world at large. The sense I get about Britain’s royal family is that it’s all posing and preposterous. It is tastelessness in the extreme to be at the center of nothing but lavishness when Britain’s economy is going down the toilet (see previous post regarding raising student tuitions and how an angry mob almost tore Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles to shreds). At such a time how much did the royal wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton cost.

Again, once is enough. Who cares that they’re back from some honeymoon and walked some smelly red carpet in Hollywood (believe me they don’t clean those things).

If you really want to partake in the USELESSNESS of the Royal Family and House of Windsor, here is some more useless facts for you to feast on.

– Every queen named Jane has either been murdered, imprisoned, gone mad, died young, or been dethroned.
– King George I of England couldn’t speak a word of English (he was German).
– Louis XIV of France was part Jewish.
– The same family (Hirohito) has held the throne in Japan since the sixth century A.D.
– Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn was a six fingered freak.
– Queen Elizabeth I of England was completely bald.
– Peter the Great of Russia was almost 7 feet tall.
– Jahangir, a seventeenth-century Indian Mughal ruler, had 5,000 women in his harem and 1,000 young boys. He also owned 12,000 elephants.

oh and Queen Elizabeth II is a shape shifting superhuman creature best known as a reptilian.

God save the queen, The fascist regime, They made you a moron, Potential H-bomb
God save the queen, ‘Cause tourists are money, And our figurehead, Is not what she seems…

Look, as long as we’re talking about useless stuff we might as well have some fun with it right?

Check out the Sex Pistols with God Save The Queen…. Maybe They Were Onto Something?

Prince William, Kate Middleton and the Lizard Queen

Prince William, Kate Middleton and the Lizard Queen

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  • Dr David (Sports Psychologist)

    The Royals are Jewish imposters from Germany, backed by the House of Rothschild period..(Die Haus Von Hanover)
    Kate & Pippa Middleton are poor Serfadic Jewish nobodies, except that they are English social climbers (like this English whore I know called Tina) . Pippa is a favorite among the randy elite at Westminister and Kate was a one time stripper and up-market escort (this is not slander, this is true, look it up on the Net) . So to cut a long story short, by getting the Jewish Wills (mother Diana was Jewish, real father Sir James Goldsmith, father Charles was circumcized by Rabbi Snowman of the London Synagogue in 1948, Rabbi Snowman was a “moel” a Jewish circumcizer-real tight cut jobs, no skin left behind) to marry old Kitty Kate , so thus the Windsors Rothschild Ashkenazic masters can now re-establish the Temple of Solomon, via the Jewish English Crown. No wonder Scotland and North England wants to quit this London Jewish Zionist Rothschild puppet Monarchy-bring on the Scottish Independence- bring it on…

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