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June 6th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

From the What The Hell Is Going On Department.

Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, now Miley? Dads, don’t give your daughter a name that ends in y!

But Why Do Drunk Girls Like To Pretend to Make out or Act Like Lesbians?

The infamous 2003 MTV Video Music Awards smooch between Madonna and Britney Spears was voted the most famous kiss of the decade. Is it too much of a stretch with the advent of IPTV that girl pop-stars will take it to the next level. Madonna will be in her 70’s but hey – don’t be surprised if she shows up at some web awards show doing a 69 with an … um….. up and comer? Need some street cred gangsta? Get a few bullets in ya… (remember that episode of the Sopranos but Bobby missed and shot the rapper in the ass?).


Now – here’s MILEY CYRUS. Check out how RIDICULOUS this video is.


And don’t give me society pressures… It’s alcohol plain and simple and a bunch of guys who are usually in the vicinity who can’t wait to get home and turn on some porn. In this society it is deemed VERY SEXY AND HOT for two girls to make out. In fact, going back to ancient greece. And not just two babes either… Alexander the Great was known to have a male lover and he kicked ass all over the world.

I guess what bugs me is not two girls making out in public, but trying to be something you’re not just to get attention. And this usually happens when people are drunk.

So what’s Miley CYRUS’s excuse? She looks like she just walked off the set of Wonder Woman. Talk about a time warp.

Plain and simple, girls want the attention and guys love it when two hot chicks make out. Let me rephrase – pretty much any two chicks make out. I just laugh because who are the handlers on this. It goes from bad to worse every year. Life is like the Simpsons for real. You can’t make this up. Who is the PR firm for Disney on this account. Broadcast PR remember? Media Relations remember? Who was sitting in the conference room when they thought this up????


Pam Anderson – You Started it. Then Paris Hilton, Then Kim Kardashian. So Miley – What are you waiting for? Justin Bieber – what about Adam Lambert? Guys – we’ll enlist iProgram and put in on phones everywhere – just keep the mobile video clips short, under a minute, so EVERYONE can join in the fun. We can do a text poll, all kinds of mobile marketing tricks so the marketing department at Disney can get their metrics. 18-45 year old males who love watching drunk girls making out….. hmmm…. what is that data good for? Let’s sell em VIAGRA?

Talk about Viral Video!

The only thing funnier than Janet Jackson’s – HAAAAAAA – “Wardrobe Malfunction….” was when Prince at the very next SuperBowl stroked a guitar that looked like an oversized penis behind a bedsheet! Right now I’m laughing so hard as I’m writing this – but it’s true. We’re not talking about Web TV – We’re talking broadcast.

Granted you don’t want to brand yourself for 12 year olds forever, but going from Nick to the Pole Dance???? HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


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