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May 1st, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

From the What the Hell is Going On Department.

It used to be that I would go to the gym everyday, sometimes twice a day when I lived in Manhattan. I had iProgram then, I have iProgram now, and When I was interviewed on RTT News on Friday, I was asked if all the digitalization of our lives was bad. I supposed that the point was moot. Certainly it seems as if we’re working harder, sleeping less, etc., while back in the 80’s we didn’t have cell phones, web, and so on.

There was no going back regardless.

My step-son has like – 5 hours of homework a day, Georgian Dance lessons and 3 nights of soccer a week. My 6 month old has a twitter account. Are they just going to be used to it? Trained to compete. Maybe that’s where America lost its edge, prosperity moved to China.

Now, to be sure, kids always crammed for tests, popped caffeine pills or speed but I’d never seen anything like what I saw on 60 minutes – the other night – about kids buying prescription pills…. to make them smarter – and better able to compete?

iPhone App Makes Your Butt Smaller!!!

By the way – Whose Famous Butt is This – You can comment below and the first person to guess correctly gets a surprise!!!
But it got me to thinking. Why not just make an iPhone App for making you smarter – or for that matter make your butt smaller?

Don’t laugh. I can envision one day in the not too distant future where the world of Apple grows beyond the handset and grows into your skin – your “neural net.” Think “Commander Data” (played so well by Brent Spiner). All those times that his friend and companion Geordi LaForge (played by Levar Burton) would open up a patch on the back of his head to fix, tweak, fine-tune and enhance his pal’s capabilities. Well, how long until iPhone interfaces with your nervous system.

According to a December 2008 article in Science Daily – the next 15 years will see mass hybridisation between humans and robots,” which means that it should be too far a stretch to the handset. Here is the article.

Until then, we’ll have to settle for buying good old pills.

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