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February 17th, 2017 · No Comments · Social Commentary

So you want blood on the streets, blood on the rocks, blood in gutter every last drop?

My blog is back.

I just went through all the unapproved comments and approved them all on various posts. The truth is I stopped writing for a while because I got involved in independent film. The truth is I’d much rather tell my stories or share my opinions here because Facebook has become rather meaningless to me. It’s nothing more than a repository for my photos. I can’t say anything there or express an opinion without alienating someone. I’m a fucking independent and come down on some issues left (global warming, anti nukes, sensible gun precautions, student loan relief, and I hate to say it but when I had Obamacare – it worked for me).

Personally I’m pro-life (but for everyone else pro-choice), pro-Israel but if the Palestinians are willing to admit Israel’s right to exist, there is a way to peace, and above all, let’s be a nation of laws. We should welcome all whether from Syria or Mexico, but people have to emigrate legally. Is that too much to ask? Strong military, support our vets and cops to the max, clean up the inner cities of crime and provide stimulus and real opportunities for education (school choice), and jobs. Whether you’re for Trump or Obama (and for the record I worked on Hillary’s 2008 campaign), you should have respect for the Office of the President of the United States – You don’t “just get there”. Let the Dude have a chance. If he sucks I’ll join you in voting him out in 4 years. Are you seriously scare he’s going to make you ungay? or start a nuclear war? Really???

For what it’s worth I just got a serious job not even a month into his administration.

Protest by all means but without violence, how about an unbiased press? What about the concept of having two robust political parties (or three?), that can build consensus on foreign policy, national security and the economy? What about debate, vote and enact and then repeat?

I could go on but I’m sure if there are many of my friends (or my sister who isn’t talking to me because I wouldn’t support Hillary this time around), are turned off by this point. By all means feel free to comment, I won’t censor anything because I believe in the constitution. And to that end, and to all you ideologues I say Google Al Goldstein Midnight Blue Rants.

And while you’re doing that – here’s some fake AC/DC for you Fake News Fans! (they’re actually pretty good!)



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