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April 4th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

How do we do it? How have we done it for so long? Men, women, husbands and wives – what a tightrope. It’s not easy – throw kids into the mix and there’s no wonder why marriage rates are sadly declining.

Enter the Robot.

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Now if the romance is gone in your marriage, but you fear God, STD’s or whatever that keeps you faithful, would you consider an artificial being? I mean, if it looked good enough? The Truth – and what’s more – would it be cheating? From CBS’s Tomorrow show – check out this video. And the next time you go on a business trip, the 3000 mile rule doesn’t come into play – not if you bring your “steely looking friend.” And after one or two marriages, maybe that’s all you would need is a mechanical mate.

And could you make your “bot” look like Michelle Bombshell McGee or Gerard Butler? Think about it – SHE has to be good in the sack with all those tatoos on her face. Then again, maybe Jesse James never had to look at her face? If Sandra Bullock got herself a pair of bots what would she do with them. Bet it wouldn’t be, well, you know.

Well don’t get too excited. While the Japanese are diligently working on the problem, and the Koreans on clones (both of which may pose answers as well as ethical challenges to the concept of fidelity), it probably won’t be until about 2050.

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