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September 9th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Someone I read about was contacted about an entry-level marketing job through Monster. Careerbuilder and Craigslist are also loaded with postings by companies such as the one you’re about to read of.

This person worked for a division of a company called the Landers Group, and was actually promoted to management in 8 months. Essentially it is a business opportunity, not an employment position, which most people are geared for. I know of people who take the bate (eh hemm…..), and spend $40 to travel 2 hours upstate to take a cab to an interview, come back on the Metro North and have an eye infection the next day….

I think you get my point.

SKYPE is a great tool. If you’re interested in a company, and they’re truly interested in you, and you’d consider relocating, they should be flexible and meet you on SKYPE first.

One tip off is that these company websites are all very vague and purport to have “Fortune 500” clients like American Express. If you see that one – move on. There is a great resource for sussing out companies and job opportunities like these, it’s called One Day One Job – Definitely check this site out. This thread is on the MLM industry but start on the home page. Lots of valuable content.

Back to our story.

According to this one post I read (a lot of the others were understandably haters), “though it requires a lot of hard and mundane work, it can lead to a lot of money. It is definitely not the cool advertising gig you see on romantic chick flicks.

Yes, the company is misleading, they have been for years. As the internet grows, so does their business. Now they are getting more into event marketing, which doesn’t seem as shady. It really depends on which division you are interviewing for. Some people go business to business, door to door, or sit in a Costco and pitch home improvement quotes. Basically it’s all direct market advertising.”

After getting into management though, he always felt as if he was lying, and wasn’t ever okay with that. After 4 months in management, he couldn’t handle it anymore, and decided to leave. Yes, the money was great, but he just didn’t want to do it anymore.

For those of you looking for an advertising position, you’ll find the good jobs are really cutthroat. You will easily be competing with hundreds of people for entry level positions, but you won’t have to sell anything, and you can carry your Starbucks coffee into the boardroom.

“Landers is really more for people with little to no experience, though most people who get into management have advanced degrees.” You have to have an entrepreneurial spirit which isn’t inherent in most Americans who are raised and educated to be employees. Now that’s all a direct quote and one which I find very interesting but perhaps the subject of another post (see previous Career Opportunity).

If you’re looking for something challenging mentally, don’t work at the Landers Group. Out of 100 people that come through their doors, 20 will stay. Of those 20, 1 out of 100 will get into management. Out of those managers, 1 of 5 will stay long term. So the shot of getting into management and actually making it are much less than 1%.

Essentially it isn’t a scam, you can do it, they just aren’t forthcoming with how likely it is that you do make it, and they really don’t have the personnel there, or the support to make sure you do.

Normally I wouldn’t give these guys any light but here’s an example of an MLM scam from

1. Note the guy’s guitar and keyboards in the background.
2. Note the ridiculous data collector on the right begging you to opt in to their non-stop marketing database
3. Note at the bottom where it says – “What if your family and friends say no?”

Nuff said.



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