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December 1st, 2009 · 1 Comment · Social Commentary

Tiger Woods is in the news recently, and I haven’t been paying too much attention until someone told me that there is a scenario where his wife beat the crap out of him for cheating on her. Well, it’s true that “Hell hath no fury…” But I have to relate something, a story I just heard about a friend of mine and it’s really scary.

Now I know this guy, he’s creative, loving, never hurt anyone – but had (as many have, do and will), a problem with drugs at one point. He’s been sober for over 10 years. One day after work he visited a friend in the East Village which always was Yuppie Indulgence Heaven – but now – my God!!! Anyway – they hung out and played some music and after an hour or so he called his wife – Honey I’m coming home. While at a busy corner waiting to cross, talking to a friend on the phone, he glanced down – and there was a huge bag of what appeared to be cocaine. The way he tells it – he wanted to just pick it up and make off with it – nevermind the fact he hadn’t used for 10 years. It was there – and an addict’s (maybe anyone’s) dream as it could have been worth a lot of money.

But he thought in seconds, could it be? There were several big guys lurking around – it was just too good to be true. And everything was telling him, it sucks but you have to leave it there. Something good won out, but what is so scary is that this guy has been clean and sober for a long time. Would the cops do that? Did some dealer ditch it? Does it matter?

It was definitely fate, the butterfly effect or whatever you want to call it – but some higher power (to me God – but we’ll leave faith out of this), lead this good soul out of harm’s way. The lesson is you don’t have to go looking for trouble to find it. It will find you soon enough – the question is – how are you, or I, going to deal with it when it comes.

It seems so unfair that his life could’ve changed dramatically – and for what, greed? lust? a high? – temptation?

Anyway – here’s an interesting link I found about some musician’s with their own demons in the 80’s. Some quite surprising.

Cocaine Crosswalk

Cocaine Crosswalk - Don't Pick it Up


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