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December 7th, 2013 · No Comments · Social Commentary

snookie face punch

Snookie being punched in the face wasn’t the first, and as we’ve soon hasn’t been the last episode of a nobody getting catapulted to fame.

Today’s NY Post has two new entries and of course since the paper sucks other than for it’s sports section and can only get readers (most of whom don’t pay anything for it since it’s free on your iPhone) by publishing sensationalized or gossipy content.

First we have Dana Morales, the NJ Waitress who (happens to be gay not that there’s anything wrong with that) apparently erroneously claimed that a couple stiffed her on a tip because they didn’t agree with her lifestyle will now probably get a PR firm and a reality show.

Next is newbie mob wife (see previous posts LOL) Natalie Guercio who clocked her cousin across the face with a bottle causing her to be sent to the hospital and get stitches. You can see her posing on the red carpet if you care. I guess we’ll all now have to tune into Mob Wives to find out right? Yeah. Right.

Of course there’s in this blogger’s opinion the Queen of all celebrity stunts and who catapulted to fame for taking one (from behind) for the team… that being Kim Kardashian.

Some other notable entrants include Amanda Bynes and of course perhaps the Grandma of all badly behaved Nobodys Paris Hilton. At least Lindsay Lohan DOES have talent. Though I was rooting for her, the film Liz and Dick was unwatchable and I couldn’t keep a straight face.

We’ve got Octomom who threatened to do porn if she didn’t get money from somewhere. Can you think of any others? Please comment – no holds barred.

In honor of all the losers who seem to get it right when marketing their personal brand, here’s a video from the vault – Ian Drury and the Blockheads with “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick”.


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Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick. Bad Behavior Rewarded. #badhavior

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