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March 20th, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Some people swear by the secret, some by Scientology or the Koran. I am a Christian, which may strike many people who know me as odd. The New York Dolls on Wednesday and Church on Sunday. With all due respect to David Johansen who quipped “Let’s Go To Church” at the Bowery Ballroom Show last week, I don’t think he realizes how “punk” Church is. In fact, Jesus was probably the original punk. There’s a song for the next album huh?

I like to say that I’ll probably be the last guy to get into heaven, if at all. I’ll probably hold the door. But nevertheless, time after time when I suffer through one setback after the next, when I calm down, and don’t react, I find continually that God has my back.

More than my sister, my cousins, my friends or co-workers or neighbors. That’s not to say that they’re not supportive and there to lean on when I need them. My mother, and certain friends for sure take the time to listen and explore options and propose ideas. But when it comes to the heavy lifting, time and time again I’ve seen the results. Prayer works.

People may think that Christians are like what you see on the Simpsons…. you know like, Hi Diddley Ho? There’s a lot of us out there whom have been in the trenches, many of those same trenches that the New York Dolls sing about. But when I look around the world (And it’s interesting here to note that David Johansen did take a moment to wax aloud about what’s going on in Libya), one may start to wonder what’s coming down the road.

And don’t think Christians are going to be the one’s to roll over.

The Christian Punk Band Fight Before Surrender comes from this point of view…. Funny, Jesus said the same about the Pharisees.
“Christianity is not oppression. the church is oppression. organized religion is the problem, not faith. i thought the same way for most of my life, but realized the error in that a few months ago.”

God's Law Of Adjustment - How Punk is That?

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