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GoDaddy’s Servers Get Hacked…. Daddy Blogger Brian McLane has to take food off his kid’s plates to pay to restore his website.

August 27th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Social Commentary

Go Daddy Hates Babies

Go Daddy Hates Babies

I heard a rumor somewhere that GoDaddy Hates Babies. I’m seriously thinking… could it be true?
We recently had our entire prototype for a patent pending website – wiped out, with no explanation from go-daddy. So I’ve had to shell out money that is supposed to go to setting up house for my baby – Sophia Alexis – who is due in October.

Some of what was lost has been restored after 3 days of around the clock work. When I realized I need to tell people about this.


So I did a little research and found the following – it starts out eerily similar with what happened to us – and how GoDaddy’s Supervisory level support, and “operatives” in their office of the president stonewalled us.

This is from another former Godaddy Website Customer:

“The domain registrar took down an entire data center where I do my hosting. They are back online now but it got pretty scary for a few hours. I’m a friend of the owner and being a professional asshole I managed to help him get back online.

What happened was that last week a customer at his data center got hacked into and the hacker started sending PayPal fraud spam. Nectartech shut the server down and fixed the problem however GoDaddy who was the registrar for shut down the domin of the data center. That not only killed their domain cutting them off from their customers since all email went away, but all the domain names that used nectartech name servers went offline as well. Fortunately I run my own name servers and my domains were not affected.

These people at GoDaddy are serious morons and there tech support is somewhat less that 24×7. I have better support than this and I’m a one man operation. This registrar shuts down an entire data center over one machine being hacked. I don’t use GoDaddy myself, and I sure as hell wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. If you don’t want the risk of being arbitrarilly shut down, I’d use someone else”

There are dozens more like this.

Brian McLane had to pay over $2,000 to restore a website that one day was up and working fine, and the next was fried and GoDaddy had no explanation.

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