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FALL IS HERE, Taking advantage of technology to enjoy it!

October 20th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Fall is poetry in motion. And I’m taking advantage of technology to enjoy it!

It may not turn out that great for the Yankees this October but the realities and beauty of the season are nevertheless settling in.

Taking a lunch break from the constant pounding away at my online targets, and looking for a little solace and piece of mind – sitting on a bench here on Ocean Parkway.

It makes me realize we really do live in two distinct worlds, one being the physical and the other being virtual. It makes me wonder what kids today will come to know in 20 or 30 years as their reality, and the likelihood that the two existences will be intertwined.

For one, they most likely won’t be playing around with their thumbs to get their messages out their. Even the most advanced handsets will be as antiquated as the phonograph. But no matter how simplified or complex learning work, love and play become, nature, both human and otherwise wil have the final say.

One has to take the time to put pen to paper (so to speak). One of the small things I love about my wife is that she keeps a notebook with all the family’s personal business – she doesn’t use QuickBooks or even blog. She keeps her notes by hand.

We are both persistent at the same tasks though in different ways. I, for instance, when it comes to blogging, social media marketing or ghost-writing on behalf of someone else always need to be creative as to how to approach a given media relations initiative or PR outreach. The fact that I can achieve some of my objectives remotely (this post for instance and sticking with my daily devotion to blogging), let’s me combine work and relaxing.

Still there is no substitute for initiative or eloquence. The brain is still the most sophisticated computer there is and ever will be but it needs to be exercised, perspectives managed and lessons learned – turned into experience.

Not so with nature, fortunately, and the arrival of autumn. The sights and smells fill the senses and trigger memories and hopes anew. I think I’ll put away this keyboard and upload via the WordPress mobile app and enjoy this beautiful Fall day.

Because the leaves fall every year, on their own. Let them do their quiet work while we just take it all in and enjoy this annual affirmation of life.

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