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February 16th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Social Commentary

All you can do is watch and wait. This isn’t over.

The Economic Mafia?


There is going to be a real financial bloodletting. Like Bush may have been to OIL, Obama is to Wall Street. This started during the Clinton administration. Please watch this incredible Documentary about one courageous woman – Brooks Lee Bourne head of the obscure CFTC.

These guys shut her down at the request of the financial lobbyists, and the cabinet – leading to the OTC derivatives market, no regulation…. The economic cheerleaders win and look at the American People now. Wall Street BET on the real estate boom which, here in New York, we all knew was absurdly over-priced. We’re not out of the woods yet either.

They’ve wagged the dog again at us – and we’ve got “land-mines” of economic destruction all over the place. How is it only Madoff is in the clink? What about these guys???

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  • michael

    Why isn’t there more on the web on Brooks Lee Bourne? She should be all over the internet.

    I wish I could find out more about her. How her life went after that, whats she doing now?

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