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May 5th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

From the What The Hell Is Going On? Department….

Text NASHVILLE to … Wha???

It’s called “mobile giving,” “mobile donations” or “mobile fundraising.” And no one does it better than Tony Aiello and Mobile Accord. And they know – you have NO EXCUSE. Because you most likely are sitting there on your couch when you see the footage and the appeal for help. Soooo, you might be able to say “When I get on the computer later or go into the office tomorrow I’m going to do that….” But wait… there’s a phone under your fat ass. What are you waiting for you BIG BUTT LOSER.

And you can’t say “Well that Paypal thing is complicated,” or “the phone companies take half of my donation so ….” Uh uh. 100 percent of your donation goes to the Red Cross.

Feeling just a wee bit guilty yet? Well here’s one more. Get a mobile video of the disaster and send it to all your friends so you’re not alone. Then ask who gave the next time you’re getting sloshed at the Beer Garden.

Don’t worry. I can help.

Haiti Got My Money - None For Nashville

2010 has been the year of Natural Disasters. I gave to Unicef during the Superbowl a few years back, I donated to Haiti this year, mobile giving works but…. can’t do it – again.

Following Hurricane Katrina, the Red Cross raised about $120,000. I know the company that’s doing this – Mobile Accord… and good for them. And I guess they have the Red Cross as a client. Again – good for them. But with the approach of 2012 – we’re going to all be broke.

But I’m not insensitive. From my friend and former bass player in The She’s. “There’s 2 inches of mud in me basement after 4 feet of water receded. Retaining wall collapsed busting in basement door and water flooded in.”

So far this year we’ve had earthquakes in China, Los Angeles, 220,000 people have been killed worldwide so far in 2010. Three major earthquakes recorded in just four months! Haiti (will eventually be around 300,000. An earthquake in Chile reached 8.8 on the richter scale and another one in Turkey (6.0 on the Richter Scale), and another in Mexico, reaching 7.2, Then of course China, Iceland and now Memphis.

So what are we supposed to do? We get it – Text in to the Red Cross. Or go to their website.

Not to minimize the pain and suffering felt by the people of Nashville but there’s incredibly large scale events that the planet needs to mobilize for. This isn’t one of them. There have been floods and tornadoes since there was an America. But I smell opportunism here on someone’s part. Give us a break.

DISCLAIMER: iProgram and GCMP reserve the right (being in the Broadcast PR and Media Relations business), to leverage such mobile giving strategies for such causes in the future.

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