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July 8th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Closing Documents, Insurance Forms and Other Applications… that novel you wrote loosely based on your life (and the hundreds of sample chapters you sent out to publishers), all require one thing. Either a Canon Copier, a friend with a Canon Copier, or lots of money to throw away at Kinkos.

Yesiree when the Department of Labor circuitously keeps asking you to keep answering the same questions over and over again just so you can get your measley $405 a week unemployment check, and to keep submitting and faxing the same forms over and over again… BOOM!!! You need a Canon Copier cranking out 44 pages of personal information and tax returns in seconds. Push a few buttons and take THAT you bastards! Here’s an OK print-out that says you received it.

And when Sallie Mae, who has had their hooks in millions of students (cough cough), on loans they’ll be paying off until their 105, thank goodness there’s a Canon Copier from Bauer Office Solutuons nearby that can keep cranking out those forebearance forms while they keep stalling me on IBR (see previous post). Their latest “maneuver” is to stall me for 5 months then saying the signature on my tax forms was over 120 days old!!! Who’s watching Sallie Mae??

But I digress. Friend I’m here to spread the good news! That Canon has my back – thanks to Bauer Office Solutions located at 144 E. 44th St., NY, NY 10017.

Bauer Office Solutions has the Canon copier I love and that YOU need.

What (you might ask), the (explicative deleted), do I need a copier for in the digital age? Ah grasshopper, I too once thought the same way! But you will be surprised….. Let Jonathan P. Ide of Bauer Office Solutions help you see the light as he did me.

Copy machines aren’t just for photocopying your fat ass at the office Christmas party!

Let Jonathan Ide of Bauer Office Solutions save you money and get you the latest equipment. So that way, when you’re preparing all that paperwork for your latest court case, or printing out hundreds of pages of your revised business plan filled with meaningless pro-forma projections and wild pie-eyed guesses, you’ll sleep easy in the Stoney Lonesome knowing you’re only spending less than .02 per copy and your toner will last longer than your next marriage!

Yes Friend! You can trust the staff at Bauer Office Solutions, located conveniently in midtown Manhattan by Grand Central Station (right near, to have whatever you need in stock and not have to make a custom order for you.

And no matter how much eating or drinking they did that weekend, they’ll be dressed their spiffy best on Monday morning when you’re dragging your over the hill butt outta bed, wondering how you wound up like this!

I don’t know how the team at Bauer Office does it but they’re like a machine and they keep rolling.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s Jonathan P. Ide of Bauer to tell you all about it.

Want a nice Canon Gift (think images) to go along with all that money you’ll be saving? I can’t say what it is (wink), but give them Code GCMP1007 for a special Canon Gift. What are you waiting for? Watch the video then call now!

Bauer Office Solutions Keeps Pace In The Digital Age with Canon Copiers

Bauer Office Solutions Keeps Pace In The Digital Age with Canon Copiers

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