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December 22nd, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

The elevator door opened and six girls came out ready to party. The BPM sounds of electronica that filled every room in the studio were the welcome mat for their entrance. This one was at the studios of Bravo Media on West 27th Street. Bravo Media (headed by Tim Donovan), is perhaps the hottest new production and post outfit in New York City with 2 green screen sound-stages, and all the best in technicians and equipment. You can check them out here and their New York Green Screen Page here.

The last few months that I’ve been “out” I’ve noticed girls doing the “lasso” move. I think I’ve tracked down where this has come from and the culprit is none other than Jessica Alba. Remember in the movie “Sin City” (one of my favorites with Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Toro, Michael Madsen and my favorite unknown, the smoking hot Devon Aoki), Jessica Alba is in a strip club and waving around the lasso. Yup, so the next time you’re on the dance floor and all the girls are doing that whoop whoop cowboy move, like they’re getting ready to lasso a steer you’ll know – Jessica Alba. They storm onto the dance floor turning heads of guys and girls alike as they make way for the new comers and are taking no prisoners as they’re ready to DANCE.

The open bar is cranking and the novices are clearly in over their head but everyone’s in a good mood so we take 3 and 4 at a time and drop a tenner in the tip jar.

Yes, these are the good times. It used to be that there was a party every night in my youth. The parties were at CBGB, The Ritz, Peppermint Lounge, Danceteria, Berlin, The Milk Bar, Save The Robots, Brownies, The Valentine Room, The Nursery….. believe me I could go on.

Its that time of year again. It’s a good time but as the time goes by we get more selective about the one s we attend, perhaps the word is smarter. Maybe it’s that we have kids. And I definitely exercised wisdom just as I was feeling “nice” by prying myself away from the fun and heading home to my wife and kids. Maybe its that we can’t drink as much as we used to. Perhaps its that we don’t feel the same affinities for the people in our social circle or that our chakras are closing.

I’m by no means a party pooper. Just a little pooped. The obligations outweigh the desires but, at least I made an appearance. In fact there are one or two more that I have to go to and as long as I’m responsible about it, I can at the age of 48, keep the leash loose. And watch for the Lasso.

Here’s Jessica Alba from Frank Miller’s Sin City.

Christmas Parties and the Lasso Dance Move

Click For Jessica Alba, Christmas Parties and the Lasso Dance Move

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