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November 24th, 2011 · 7 Comments · Social Commentary

Thanksgiving used to be about tradition. Part of that tradition was the coverage of the Parade. But the CBS and NBC Parades are only watchable if you use your DVR and turn off the sound. My 2 year old got to see Mickey Mouse, and Spongebob, and some of her other favorite product placement floats…. for about a total of 2 minutes while the self-promoting, self-serving in your face unknown MC”s babbled on. I went to see if New York 1 covered the parade but alas no. I could see floats in the background but there was little interest displayed by these stooges neither of whom I knew. Did any other network cover the parade? Maybe somewhere online?

The Broadway shows are lame. They promote Godspell as being this great show even as the reviews keep ripping it to shreds. Avril Lavigne? She looked like she didn’t get any sleep. At least she’s now outted as the mainstream popster that she always was. From what I was told about the coverage on the Chicago Superstation the parade WAS actually a PARADE. Kids marching, balloons and floats taking center stage, and hometown America on display for all to see. Not a bunch of marketing ploys, bimbos and hunks crammed down our throats.

I guess the Broadway numbers are good to see glimpses of shows you’ll most likely never see because the prices are out of reach for most people. They’re only the musicals first off. But seeing hairy guys in drag (not sure which show that is), is an image I don’t really want my kids to see.

When I used to live on 56th and Broadway we all used to get up early and watch the parade from my 35th floor roof. What a treat. But these parades get worse and worse each year. At least for people who understand what is being subliminally done. Marketing, PR, Promotion and ADVERTISING. It used to be tradition. Now that is apparently over. I don’t want to see super models being interviewed or chefs promoting Pillsbury, and especially not these hosts WHO LITERALLY CANNOT STOP TALKING! We want to show our kids the floats and performances which usually are shown in front of MACY’s.

They were continually cutting out to performers who are on a stage no where near the parade or cooking tips. If I want to watch a show on stage I will go there, if I want to learn how to cook I will watch the cooking channel. Oh right, the Cooking Channel is one of the sponsors.

The older generation must have seen some good ones. One person in a comment on the web made an excellent observation on one thread: “So many people work so hard in preparation for this parade- all the marching bands, float handlers, and other parade marchers. Yet, all you can cover is what CBS stars are in the crowd and interviews with CBS Stars. The camera is constantly on the hosts as they jabber about nothing! On the rare occassion that a float passing by is caught in the site of the camera, the hosts may provide some general information on it, but the camera remains on the hosts. When a band passes, they complain about the volume of the band.”

Another said: “I, and my children, do not care about who is tweeting; we do not care to see pictures of them in their homes. Save that nonsense for Entertainment Tonight, or any one of the many “reality” shows that do nothing but drain the brains of society.”

And yet another: “Thank you, network television, for continuing to kill what few traditions remain. My children will never know or understand what the excitment over this parade was all about.

For the kids who get a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York at least they can thrive off the energy of the live crowd. Because they certainly aren’t given ANY air time? The NFL coverage is much better. At least they’re overseas with the troops and rolling tape about Thanksgivings past.

We did get to see Snoopy for like 5 seconds and Mickey Mouse for even less! Thank goodness for a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Next year, we’ll watch it for the first 5 minutes and pop in a DVD of the YULE LOG. Anyone remember that?

Well here it is. In the era of Facebook and Twitter, it’s the YULE TUBE LOG – and at least it’s better than watching CBS or NBC’s coverage of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.



NBC and CBS #Thanksgiving Day Coverage Awful

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  • dori

    Agree! What a self-promoting, self-serving disgrace. The real stars of the show…the balloons…were all but excluded. It actually was aggravating to watch. I am not shopping Macy’s nor will I watch then NBC shows.

  • n

    totally agree.. hat girl on CBS was only there to Talk and Talk and TALK about herself, her hats and interrupt anyone around her.. terrible!

  • C

    I am an American in Korea and I could not find the parade anywhere on line to watch.

    I wish someone would do some real reporting on the parade giving us information on the floats and work that went into the parade and interesting facts in history, or inspiring quotes relevant to the holiday, etc.

    I agree over the years reporting has become self-serving and disappointing, like one long giant infomercial

  • L

    It was awful. A Victoria’s Secret model and the host talking about-gasp- ordering french fries is soooooo much more important than those silly bands and floats. CBS needs to fire the producers that felt this is how you cover a parade

  • George

    What coverage? I like the marching bands. These kids work hard to get to these parades. Forget all the interviews with people that are not even part of the parade. Quit promoting of Broadway Shows and useless interviews! Televise the parade.

  • Patrick Bryan

    The female host was so annoying, everyone watching at my house wanted her to just shut up. Show the parade and the guest less talking about yourself.

  • brianmclane

    No argument there. It’s hard to watch.

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