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June 14th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Better to not say anything at all?


Maybe not. Bad PR and Bad Press hurt no doubt. Just look at some of the recent cases; Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, Sandra Bullock, Justin Bieber (oh wait not him – at least yet until some photo shows up and his Michael Phelps image comes to a screeching halt). Then again if you’re in the public eye, it comes with the territory. Then I was thinking about why it’s so important to do what we do. Not necessarily in the Satellite Media Tour business, but as part of an effective media strategy to have people blogging, not just every day, but effectively on your behalf.

So if you’re busted….. better get the word out. Remember Wag The Dog? Also The Smoking Man from X Files? Here’s one for you Mulder.


According to one website – and I agree, Having bad press in newspapers is a whole different ball game to removing bad press on the Internet.” Newspapers wind up in the trash by the afternoon. Bad PR or Bad Press online – good luck. Perhaps no company is better at reputation management than Creative Response Concepts in Washington, D.C. (Greg Mueller’s shop). And they are going to have a mountain of work in the next few years with VISA being their number one client.

I still love those immortal words written by Keith Appell – “WHY IS MITCH McCONNELL SELLING OUT KENTUCKY?” And he’s a Republican!!!! So don’t think he doesn’t take his job seriously!

Now unless the content is libelous (look it up), most likely there’s too broad a playing field, freedom of speech and of course SATIRE angles that can get a web publisher off the hook. Look – the other night while flipping through the guide on my soon to be defunct cable box – on the ADULT Channel – SEINFELD – The porn. Obviously, no one’s suing. In fact there’s probably a nice royalty. I wonder who they got to play George?

Then there’s the other strategy of just find a hot chick and publicly make out with her preferably at an awards ceremony. Not only did it apparently work for Sandra Bullock but Scarlett Johansson took home a Tony right?

The best way though is to hire dedicated guys like to bury the bad press by filling the Internet with positive content that you can control. Search engines love Facebook, and there are so many ways to syndicate your blogging that you can reach a lot of sites with a single post.

But it does take time to find the right guys. At we’ve got you covered. Not just on the New York Broadcast PR, New York Media Relations, and Digital and Emerging Content Side – but we can find you a hot chick in a hurry!
Most customers don’t go based pages one however people research you or journalists digging for a story will go way past page one.

We can help advise, defend and fight to protect your name, brand company from unwanted bad and negative press online.

You can contact us confidentially to discuss any negative issues appearing thin the search engines.

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