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March 3rd, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

I was at a reunion get-together for a law firm I used to work at tonight, Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner. It gets smaller each year but it really was an amazing place to work. It goes to show you that What You Leave Behind DOES Matter.

It’s nice to see everyone, but for the most part, people are still doing the same thing. I am amazed that out of the 30 or 40 attorneys, 20 or so support staff and others, not a single person was doing anything that they could talk about besides work or their kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I was loving looking at photos of kids and grandkids, but I left wondering, how come no one, I mean not one person, had anything to say about singing, writing a book, heck even blogging? Can I be the only one? I was gratified that I had about 20 people say they wanted to come see Europa. But I’m just a little amazed that there were only two people who were talking about skydiving, traveling, making films and such.

I guess kids really require that much time and commitment? I can’t believe that. I’ve got my hands full with 2 (one of them Sofia a very active 16 month old). So I just don’t get it. I take the time to express myself, blog, play music, shoot and edit content for the web, and I still have a day gig, and my family responsibilities.

I’m 47 – who else is doing something… I mean, is anyone blogging? I have a simple rule. If the aliens come to earth and are sifting through the rubble of our civilization will anyone know you were here? Are you leaving anything behind.

I thank God that as tough as it is to write and pull off performing a play, and as many times as I’ve said, hmmm, this might not have been the best idea at this time, that I didn’t let it stop me. The day that it does stop me, I’m in trouble.

Here’s another new band TEXUM (another one from Norway – what’s going on there?), with “What You Leave Behind.”

Brown Raysman Reunion What You Leave Behind

Click For What You Leave Behind

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