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March 17th, 2012 · No Comments · Social Commentary

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I’m voting for MOB WIVES. At least they’re being honest.

The producers of Mob Wives at least are giving the dumbed down public what it knows it’s really tuning in for. Video Violence. And the latest challenger is Brooklyn 11223.

When I was a kid and used to watch wrestling on my black and white on UHF channels, the most gripping and scary scenes were when a wrestler showed up in the ring to fight in his street clothes. Vince McMahon was a skinny kid then before turning himself into a hideous brute. However he brought the cameras back stage and out on the street in order to add more story lines once the word had gotten out that wrestling really was fake. Geraldo Rivera still feels the sting of David Shultz’s slap from Hollywood to Brooklyn 11223.

I’ll never forget the day I was sitting at my desk at New York Life and I overheard my friend John Siegl talking about what I thought was a knock down drag-out that he either personally witnessed or saw a news story about between some middle aged women. I was puzzled yet simultaneously fascinated. But then when he said that he couldn’t take his eyes off it and would tune in again next week I had to go into his office and ask WTF?

And that’s how I heard about Mob Wives.

After forcing myself to skip over Mob Wives on the Channel Guide more than a few times, one night I was bored just enough to watch. And sure enough within 5 minutes they were at it – the Mob Wives in all their punching, brawling, hair pulling, no holds barred glory. So why don’t we skip the preliminaries already and get to Snooki Polizzi and Jennifer J. Wow Farley of Jersey Shore vs. Joey Lynn Tekulve and Christie Livoti from Brooklyn, 11223 (my zip code no less) in the cage. Any interest Dana White? MMA’s ratings have slipped.

Better yet how about the programming team from Oxygen Network who is backing Brooklyn 11223 vs. the programming team at MTV in a Battle Royal? Vince McMahon – this would be the greatest payday for the WWE and the biggest Wrestlemania event ever if you could pull it off. And you can hold it at Our Lady of Grace Little Baseball Field which is also in, Brooklyn 11223. Originally I had heard talk of a Brooklyn based reality show that took place in a Russian based setting. But Brooklyn 11223 is meant to challenge Jersey shore. If there is poetic justice, and some honesty in reality, the two casts will eventually come to face off on camera. It’s in fact already started with Brooklyn 11223 tweeting to @Snooki.

So let’s just admit it. We want to see the two casts brawl and I don’t even know who’s in Brooklyn 11223.

Yes the networks picked up where professional wrestling left off. And that’s what this is. Professional wrestling in street clothes. Just when you think that the reality tv loop has finally reached the end there’s some executive who ads to the media pollution that typifies the wasteland and vapidity that television has become. Now there’s Brooklyn 11223 the television show. And the promo clips for it are predictable with two average looking girls, one thick, the other trim, both busty and neither particularly pretty with hands on hips and folded arms. The promos for Brooklyn 11223 focus on the women. In fact are there any guys in it?

It is this everyday average look that the network execs are banking on with Brooklyn 11223 and what makes reality television in particular so popular. It is by far the most accessible programming that a large majority of the 18-34 demographic segment can identify with. In the back of everyone’s mind is the possibility that one day, they too can be a reality TV star. It is no wonder why people continue to flock to the internet for content and providing (at least access to) more intelligent programming.

One can’t begrudge the cast of Brooklyn 11223 the opportunity they’ve been handed however. Anyone with any confidence in themselves would take a shot. It certainly takes a lot of guts to let a camera crew follow you around and document your life. But that’s where the reality part diverges from, well, reality. No one is tuning in to watch Snooki study for her masters or go shopping at Ikea. And it will be the same for Brooklyn 11223.

You got your Wives Shows, Wars Shows, Parenting shows, Geographic based Shows, Cooking Shows, Ghost Shows, hunting and fishing shows…. A quick scan on my Optimum TV Guide shows the following reality television shows:

Jersey Shore, Parking Wars, Swamp People, Storage Wars, 19 Kids and Counting, 16 and Pregnant, Ace of Cakes, Bad Girls Club, Miami Ink, Billy The Exterminator, Family Jewels, Deadliest Catch, Horders, Hells Kitchen, Basketball Wives, Paranormal State, UFO Hunters, Kate Plus 8 (Remember the Octomom?), Wife Swap, Kardashians, Hoarders… Had enough yet?

And of course all the competition shows like American Idol and it’s spin offs X Factor and The Voice, Top Chef and all the other Wives shows real or imagined. This doesn’t include fake reality shows like The Bachelor or The Apprentice.

To be sure there are some descent reality shows like Iron Chef, Dog Whisperer, Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, House Hunters International that are given a reality TV black eye by new additions like Brooklyn 11223. But they are in the minority. In general as readers of this blog know I dig the travel documentary which gets me outside of Brooklyn 11223. And I’m not a total prude either. But when Brooklyn 11223 can get made by major cable network in the midst of what seemingly is a never ending glut of reality television it says more about the people watching and buying what the advertisers are selling than the other way around.

And the networks continue to laugh themselves to the bank which this time is in Brooklyn 11223.

Here’s a clip from Brooklyn 11223. You’ve seen this kind of thing hundreds of times in promos if you couldn’t bring yourself to watch. Large women, squaring off. They just can’t seem to get enough.

But you have to admit. You can’t either.

brooklyn 11223 has a way to go to challenge the Mob Wives

Click to see brooklyn 11223 has a way to go to challenge the Mob Wives!/search/%23Brooklyn11223

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