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December 9th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

prince charles car attacked

prince charles car attacked

Governments around the world are beginning to lose legitimacy. If one needs evidence of this one need not look further than the horror on Camilla Parker Bowles’ face as rioters in London attacked her and Prince Charles in their car “screaming off with their heads” which would be laughable were it not evidenced by the video and the look of fear on Camilla Parker Bowles’ face.

The purpose of fighting the Revolutionary War and the drafting of the Constitution were to limit the powers of a tyrannical government. What the founding fathers wanted was smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and a commitment to personal liberty. “Taxation without representation is tyranny,” was the common outcry of the Boston Patriots. Rioting ensued giving way to armed conflict in order to fight back against the same oppressive governmental practices which are prevalent again (perhaps they never subsided), and the seeds of revolution were planted.

And England is at the center of it all again. But this time because of tuition hikes implemented in order to offset the economic fallout of a radioactive world economy. Another indicator of state failure is the growth of criminal violence. Look again at todays news about authorities needing to set fire to the Escondido, Calif., home of Serbian-born Jakubec. And locally here in Brooklyn, right near my home a waitress named Alicea Diaz who was sick of being late for work allegedly attacked driver Jacqueline Benjamin because she was tired of always being late.

There is an excellent paper written by Robert I. Rothberg and failed states for the Brookings Institution which you can see here. Meanwhile if one Googles “Unemployment Civil Unrest” they’ll see that many people are making videos about a world that is inching slowly towards socio-economic chaos.

And yet, the people can’t stop spending. They see luxury every night on the television, they see images of spoiled brats in Los Angeles and New York who are the sons and daughters of privilege.

If there ever is wide spread civil unrest, these “celebrities” have put themselves way too far out there. But perhaps they have nothing to fear. Might makes right and the same lack of respect and consideration for the average person seems to know no bounds as those in power are unable to come up with reasonable solutions to fix this mess.

I can only speak for myself when I say that dealing with the IRS, Credit Card Companies, Banks, Credit Bureaus, Unemployment and other beaurocracies is overwhelming for most. It takes a dogged commitment and an inordinant amount of time to overcome the negative effects that not saving and uncontrolled spending will ultimately have on one’s life.

In fact today I had to call a collection agency about a debt to T-mobile that I had paid back in early 2009, which was not recorded by the collection agency and which debt made it’s way to me a second time. I had no choice but to pay. Fortunately, the Collection Agency, Superior Asset Management, was sympathetic and offered to remove the negative and derogatory information from my credit file.

Talk about firsts.

Nevertheless, the above acts of violence are I believe only the tip of the iceberg of a populace that’s finally had enough, and which perceives the government and the banks as having gone to far.

And the elites who may think they’re above the fray will get a collective wake up call such as Prince Charles had today. He was frankly, Lucky. Ever been to a riot and a soccer game broke out?

Here’s a video of what happened. Judge for yourself where this is all heading unless people come back to their senses, both the instituions as well as the individual.

Take it from Dog The Bounty Hunter, “As long as you’re on the side of good, good always wins out.” Those in power would do well to learn from history and get off the road that leads to Rome.

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