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September 27th, 2009 · No Comments · Social Commentary

My Beautiful Wife

My Beautiful Wife

Here we are at the OBGYN. Shorena is in her ninth month. My friend
Acho and I were talking while hanging out with the Georgian crew the
other night and were talking about Tbilisi, how we’d eventually like
to end up there (he because it’s his home, me because of my sociology-
political-economic views on where this country’s heading).

We talked about potential businesses, that Georgia is ripe for growth
and discovered that we each thought that being in the baby business
was a smart play.

A few minutes later was born.

Here is my first interview with Shorena McLane who has requested a
list of questions in advance for her publicist to review:

BB: How are you feeling? You’re in your 9th month.

SM: I feel pretty good. I have all the energy in the world.

BB: With all the preparations you have to make and the stuff you have
to buy, what’s the most challenging aspect of getting ready for your
baby’s arrival.

SM: I feel sometimes that I still might not be ready even though I’ve
had a lot of support, got a lot of advice, and am fortunate to have
received tons of gifts and hand-me-downs.

BB: Are you surprised how many hand-me-downs and items you received
were barely worn or used, if at all.

SM: No surprise there.

BB: Why?

SM: First of all this is not my first child and I had the same
experience before.

BB: So what do you think that says?

SM: they grow out of things very fast, you accumulate a lot of stuff,
people make or knit stuff…

Stay tuned for more of this riveting interview with Shorena McLane!


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