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June 6th, 2011 · 3 Comments · Social Commentary

I’ve said it before, Bank of America is THE WORST. And that’s saying a lot because there are some really awful financial institutions. Granted I’m speaking from the Consumer Perspective, and if you search for Bank Of America in my previous posts you’ll see I’ve listed them as a company or institution that I will never do business with again.

NOTE: I have said the same about Apple and gone back on my word but companies like Bally’s Gym, Fedex, and Bank of America will never see my dollar again. It is clear to anyone paying attention that there is a global money grab on a massive scale. From Big Oil to the Banks, they’re going in for the kill. Trying to loot every last cent in the way of fees, price hikes and so on. But this story out of Florida takes the cake.

Back to Bank of America.

I’d written about Bank of America and it’s tricky (and apparently in some cases, illegal) practices. I’d experienced them myself with respect to unknowingly not having enough money in my account but being allowed to use my debit card, the privilege of which cost me $35 on three occasions of which I was unaware. I wrote to the President of Bank Of America and to BOA’s credit, they reversed the charges. You can find the President’s address online. They’ll give you one freebie.

But then there was the case of Lilla Roberts is a 73-year-old retired physical therapist who almost lost her house due to a Bank of America error. And now this out of Florida.

Bank of America is Evil and Wants Your House

Bank of America is Evil and Wants Your House

But Turnabout (as they say) is fair play and this Florida Couple Maureen Collier and Warren Nyerges caught them red handed (how they did it is an interesting read), they became my new heroes. So Jeff Barker, the New York City President of Bank Of America, you can do your commercial about how much money you’re giving back to the community and the library, but for everyone that reads this, know that there may be other families out there who have lost their homes to Bank of America so those “gifts” would be akin (if true) to blood money.

Thanks Bank Of America, but I will decline your services and turn a deaf ear to your supposed claims of good will.

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  • David Webb

    You are spot on with your comments about Bank of America. Jeff Barker has led a team in the NY region that has abused customers, employees, and shareholders. He is a snake, hyporcrite, and has overseen one of the largest consumer credit card scheme in US history.

  • admin

    Bank of America is the Worst of the Worst, and among the most hypocritical organizations ever to set up shop on the face of the earth. But they are not alone. See post re PBS’s story on JPM Chase’s 153 million dollar fine. Oh wait, they made billions. Crime pays.

  • BryM

    Bank of America’s practices are not ‘tricky’ or illegal in ‘some cases’ …. they are illegal in EVERY case, which is why they have been ordered to pay out a few hundred million dollars to people who incurred overdraft charges as a result of their illegal processing of debit transactions.

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