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August 7th, 2012 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Star Trek Life Lessons

Star Trek Life Lessons

It’s been enough time and my kids are ripe for doing Star Trek. Hearing my daughter Sofia McLane who is not quite 3 say she wants to watch Star Trek over Mickey Mouse is not small feat.

My son Nodari is a zombie when it comes to the newest version of Star Trek with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in the roles of Captain Kirk and Mister Spock but has up until recently (thanks Netflix), been uninterested by TOS (“The Original Series”), TNG (“The Next Generation”) or the other Star Trek series that followed including Deep Space 9 or Voyager.

We watched several Star Trek Next Generation “2 parters” including Best of Both Worlds, Unification (where Leonard Nimoy reprises the role of Spock), Time’s Arrow and others.

My daughter likes all the colors and is “engaged.” At the risk of losing Nodari, I decided to pull a risky maneuver and put on an original series episode “Balance of Terror” where Kirk and the Enterprise engage the Romulans for the first time in 100 years by Outpost 4 in the neutral zone.

For my part I never miss an opportunity to point out elements of virtue or life lessons that can be “assimilated” into his programming – most notably anything having to do with following orders, never giving up, staying true to yourself, seizing opportunities and not always playing it safe, and most importantly the chain of command.

On the Romulan bridge a centurion tries to usurp his commander’s power and the latter sternly acknowledges the opinion and in short order offers “Perhaps, but it is my judgment which prevails.”

At least a dozen times I couldn’t resist pausing the content, looking him in the eye and pointing out a phrase in order to emphasize a potential life lesson that Star Trek was conveying.

And both my kids are willing to take the journey. In the image below, Kirk and Spock are talking about the incredible life lessons learned by Jean Luc Picard in the Star Trek Next Generation episode “Tapestry” in which “Q” offers Picard a chance to take a different route – one that wouldn’t have gotten him prematurely killed on an away mission.

One of the greatest television episodes of any show ever.

Brace yourselves kids, we’re going to warp. Engage!


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