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October 10th, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

I’ve built several websites. Most of them no longer exist though I have files stuffed with Functional Specifications as if the ideas will still be valuable some day. All that code sitting in zip files growing more obsolete by the day.

To think how dogged I was in my desire to come up with something new, with no money… and did. Our work though ultimately was not properly funded and now it’s all history. That’s why they call it risk. And I’m okay with that. StreamAware did get a patent though it is expensive I am told to enforce it. Perhaps one day we will.

But getting back to websites. A friend asked me if I would build one. I pointed to and asked him how much he thought that cost. Thousands. I asked him if he could get how much time it took. He was off by several months. I asked him how much sleep I lost…. he didn’t want to guess… How much aggravation I experienced… etc.

Now here comes AT&T with their fancy schmancy KUNG FU websites for a monthly fee. What you mean like Intuit and GoDaddy? Well yes…. but better. Besides the fact that AT&T is… well…. AT&T, they have the networks and the data behind the product which makes the utility of the endeavor far more worth it. Combined with a add (which is like free SEO via a trackback), the client winds up getting a lot for their money. Know what it’s like to chase around an SEO “expert”? Well it’s not fun.

And that’s where I’ve really done a 180 on these template sites. There is no up front cash in the way of a down payment, or bogus set up fees. Hosting is included as well as updates and monthly support. They back everything up so you don’t get a BS situation like I experienced with GoDaddy when my expensive Real Estate Jukebox website one night just disappear and GoDaddy couldn’t tell me why. It cost me over $1000 to put it back, precious time and the venture never recovered. Just remembering makes me want to sue them.

If you only take one thing away from this post it’s this… GoDaddy is THE WORST – NEVER GIVE YOUR WEBSITE OR HOSTING TO GODADDY.

AT&T on the other hand CAN be trusted. It’s taken a while for them to build that trust up with me I won’t lie. But when it comes to DATA, AT&T BLOWS away Verizon. Google and Verizon is just a terrible combination. Today for instance two new icons showed up on the home screen of my Droid X2. But that’s not the point either.

What I’m trying to get to is that AT&T has 3 levels of websites. Essential for $89 and the Enhanced for $219 (my favorite). They also do custom work. AT&T handles all the website design chores from soup to nuts and instead of plopping down 3 grand as a down payment, you can save all that money for something else. In a year, you’re going to have to redesign or majorly update your site anyway.

If you’d like to know more, email me. I’ve seen it done both ways, web designers, hate to tell you but your days are numbered.

indian website design

indian website design

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