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June 7th, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

She was walking down the street at a brisk pace on her way to the gym. A handful of men stopping in their tracks to admire her.

Here’s another one. You get on the elevator with a good looking girl. You find a reason to start or keep a conversation going. She gives you a card and you even decide to meet. Flesh for fantasy?

The question isn’t whether a guy would acid test for guys isn’t if the opportunity presents itself it’s when and the acid test is “can I get away with it?” Well most likely not if you post it on twitter.

Memo to guys. Strange women and social media don’t mix!!! In another blog post I cited a statistic that Facebook is now mentionec as a factor in 20% of divorces.

Images of gorgeous women from the elegant to the scantily clad are everywhere, in person, in advertising and in the media. The latest reality show to exploit young girls “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” follows teen girls (barely) as they awkwardly try to become women slinking and spastically gyrating in front of the watchful boys who themselves are just entering puberty.

At least they don’t hesitate to “grab” the objects of their affection, their motives all too transparent. You wont see these lads sexting. Something tells me they’re too primal for that. They’d prefer a good dust up to as a means to relieve themselves of their tension and boredom.

Not like some politicians we know the latest of whom is Queens Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Whether it’s me and a handful of guys gawking in awe at a stunning model on her way to the gym (my wife and most girls I know would “notice” too), or friending up hotties on the web, the rule of thumb is to look but don’t touch. So what Anthony Congressman Weiner did technically was lewd and stupid, but for any guy to point the finger and say he’s not guilty of the same thing, or of looking at porn, passively or aggressively is hypocritical in the highest sense.

The real “crime” here is that he lied about it plain and simple. Haven’t these morons in Washington learned anything from Richard Nixon? You got busted. All of us have been busted at one time or another and the thing is to own up fo the shame and embarrassment swiftly and move on.

The guy didn’t hire an illegal alien to clean his house, take a bribe or molest someone’s daughter.

He’s just a schmuck and a liar. Aren’t they all?

Here’s Billy Idol with Flesh For Fantasy

Congressman Anthony Wiener's Flesh For Fantasy

Congressman Anthony Wiener's Flesh For Fantasy

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