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August 18th, 2012 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Not even a few weeks since the massacre at the premiere of Batman in a Colorado movie theater, death comes to midtown.

I had only recently finished a blog post (see previous) about the unfortunate reputation that the state of Colorado has for mass shootings and now this. To be sure it could have been a lot worse. There was another shooting on 37th and 7th only a week or two before this one in which a guy who was smoking a joint wound up in a confrontation with cops and opted for death rather than a few nights in the tombs.

Yet now Steven Ercolino and Jeffrey T. Johnson will be forever linked to the happenings on one hot day in August on a midtown street.

We can keep searching for answers but the sad fact is that people are freaking out and getting desperate. In some instances, say the Fort Hood shootings the acts are carried out in order to draw attention to a cause. In the recent instances however the causes are unmitigated rage.

To be sure there are far too many guns on the streets yet I go back and forth on whether or not the type of gun control being proposed will work. On the one hand guns as an instrument of death are easy to conceal and afford a would be killer the element of surprise. Further their deadliness can be unleashed at the precise moment an assassin wishes to act on their impulse. For those harboring the kind of rage that pushes them over the edge and to kill – there is perhaps no better instrument.

However these people could just as easily use a car or slip poison into foodstuffs. In the meantime, our “civil” society has to cope with the kind of images and the random chaos that can break out at anytime, anywhere.

I would ask those seeking to legislate our way out of the problem what their solution would be then?

another shooting death comes to midtown

another shooting death comes to midtown

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