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February 2nd, 2012 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Are you kidding me? Again?

When is someone going to teach cops that you have to stop beating the suspect especially if someone is capturing the encounter on video? The cell phone video YouTube clip shows Jateik Reed, 19, being beaten by four baton-wielding cops on a Bronx sidewalk Jan. 26. The four NYC cops were stripped of their badges after beating the kid bloody. Jateik wasn’t going out like that.

But no one wins here.

Read more: about the video beatdown by cops.

With all the non- lethal methods available to cops wouldn’t a good tasering suffice? Maybe they could leave the dart in a little longer. Perhaps cops are on edge these days with the apparent willingness of perps to shoot at and in some cases kill police officers. The case of Officer Peter J. Figoski comes to mind and then only yesterday another New York City cop surviving a bullet to the head.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this business is that people are shooting back at cops. In the Bronx a few weeks ago someone or someones… opened up on a van load of cops in a Bronx Housing project at the end of a shift. This sounds like the Chicago projects in the 80’s!

And I keep coming back to that study by the Brookings Institution that prediction civil unrest upon the Unemployment Rate hitting 15%. Whether or not the politicians will admit to that number is irrelevant almost. The effects are starting to be felt.

And it’s costing lives.

Here’s Public Enemy with their song from The Denzel Washington film American Gangster Can’t Truss It.

NYC Cops Video Beatdown

Click for NYC Cops Video Beatdown

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